Acne on forehead

Innovative Acne Treatment with Laser at MySkin Mallorca for Clear Skin

Dear Teens,

Welcome to MySkin Mallorca, where we not only address skin issues but also embark on a revolution against acne. Our focus is not only on external treatment but also on nurturing radiant skin from within.

Here are the key details about acne and our holistic approach:

Acne in Teens and Adults:

Acne affects almost all teenagers, with 20 to 30 percent experiencing visible acne that can leave scars. MySkin Mallorca emphasizes a gentle and effective combination of specialized skincare, advanced laser treatments, and internal medications.

Early Laser Treatment is Crucial:

Acne is treatable, but early intervention is essential, especially for severe cases. Laser treatments play a central role in addressing pimples, blackheads, and open pores effectively. Waiting poses the risk of scarring, which becomes more challenging to remove. At MySkin Mallorca, we specialize in personalized combination treatments, aiming for rapid skin improvement.

Why MySkin Mallorca

Stay away from influencers and internet recommendations! MySkin Mallorca offers not only innovative laser therapy but also the expertise of experienced dermatologists. Early and personalized treatment plans are crucial for achieving the best results for your skin health. Schedule an appointment today and discover how MySkin Mallorca can help you feel “comfortable in your own skin” once again.

Myths About Acne:

Acne is not just a cosmetic concern. Our experienced MySkin team understands the complexity of acne, providing not only laser therapy but also expert advice on nutrition, skincare, and makeup.

Medication with Isotretinoin:

The most well-known and effective medication for acne is Isotretinoin. At MySkin Mallorca, we provide detailed information about the therapy, emphasize the necessity of contraception, and offer individual guidance with regular medical check-ups.

Year-Round Therapy, Even in Summer:

MySkin Mallorca offers effective acne therapies throughout the year, including summer. We highlight the importance of daily SPF50 to protect your skin while continuing treatment during the sun-rich season.

Modern Dermatology with Laser Therapy:

In modern dermatology, we opt for laser therapy from the outset with great success. Laser therapy is a safe and effective component of our acne treatment, leading to successful outcomes.

Treatment of Acne Scars:

1. Early Prevention with Lasers:
At MySkin Mallorca, we use lasers early on to prevent scarring.
2. Improvement of Existing Scars with Lasers (FRAX1550):
If scars are already present, we target them with advanced laser treatments.
3. Ablative Co2 Laser (Ultrapulse) for Old, Deep Scars: For older, deep scars, we use the ablative Co2 laser (Ultrapulse) for optimal results.

FAQs about our acne treatment

Is acne curable?
Yes, acne is curable. It’s crucial to treat it early to prevent scarring.

Yes, MySkin Mallorca offers laser therapies year-round, including in summer. Remember to use SPF50 daily.

Isotretinoin is highly effective but requires special precautions, especially regarding contraception.

Yes, our dermatologists will discuss your current treatment and provide the best therapy recommendations.

Early! The sooner, the better. Don’t wait until acne is “burned out.”


At MySkin Mallorca, the focus is not only on external improvement but also on understanding and providing comprehensive support for your skin health. Schedule an appointment today and discover how we can effectively treat your acne and scars together. Your skin, your knowledge, your revolution – at MySkin Mallorca.