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Age-Specific Skin Rejuvenation: Achieving Radiant Skin at mySkin Mallorca

The aging process affects the skin in various ways: sagging, dryness, wrinkles, uneven texture, irregular pigmentation, redness, and sun damage. Loss of elasticity causes the skin to sag and lose volume. At mySkin Mallorca, we specialize in addressing these diverse aspects of the aging process with targeted and effective treatments.

Our range of advanced lasers allows us to treat different signs of aging more or less invasively, considering the needs of different age groups. We tailor our approaches to age-specific concerns, providing customized treatment strategies:

1. Prevention from 30:

Preventive skin rejuvenation starts as early as age 30. In this phase, we utilize minimally invasive approaches, such as the Pico Laser, to counteract initial wrinkles and pigment shifts.

2. Collagen Induction with FRAX1550 Pro:

Around the age of 40, targeted collagen induction with the FRAX1550 Pro Laser is recommended. This stimulates collagen growth, improves skin structure, and combats fine lines.

3. Invasive Measures with CO2 Laser:

For advanced signs of aging, especially at a higher age, the CO2 Laser can be employed. This enables intensive skin renewal, smoothes deep wrinkles, and contributes to enhancing skin quality.


Dr. Ahnhudt-Franke, our expert in aesthetic medicine, goes beyond conventional laser applications. Her expertise extends to the continuous development of new combinations, successfully integrating laser technologies with neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and collagen inductors. These innovative approaches allow for holistic skin rejuvenation with outstanding results.

Advantages of Skin Rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca:

Excellent Results:

With our expertise and state-of-the-art devices, we achieve individually tailored treatments with long-lasting results.

Short Downtimes:

We prioritize making treatments as gentle as possible, ensuring quick recovery times for our patients.


Explore the possibilities of age-specific skin rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca. For further information and personalized consultations, our experienced team is at your service. Contact us to experience radiant skin, regardless of your age.

FAQs on Age-Specific Skin Rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca:

At what age is preventive skin rejuvenation recommended?
Preventive skin rejuvenation can be beneficial as early as age 30. Taking early measures supports slowing down the aging process and minimizing initial signs.
The Pico Laser is ideal for minor skin issues, suitable for prevention, and addresses initial wrinkles, pigment shifts, and uneven skin texture.

The application of FRAX1550 Pro is recommended from the age of around 40. In this phase, targeted laser treatments can stimulate collagen growth and improve skin structure.

Before laser treatments, a numbing cream is typically applied to minimize discomfort. Depending on the area and laser method, partial anesthesia may also be considered.

Before laser treatments, it is advisable not to expose the treated area to the sun and to shave 1-2 days beforehand. After sessions, direct sun exposure should be avoided. Detailed skincare guidelines are discussed individually.
Recovery time depends on the depth of the treatment and individual skin response. In most cases, downtime is minimal, but following skincare guidelines is recommended to optimize recovery.
Dr. Ahnhudt-Franke at mySkin Mallorca specializes in the targeted combination of laser technologies with neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and collagen inductors. This holistic approach allows for individual and effective skin rejuvenation beyond laser treatments alone.

For further information and personalized consultations, our experienced team at mySkin Mallorca is ready to assist you. Contact us to discover the possibilities of age-specific skin rejuvenation with innovative laser technologies.