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Sleeveless Elegance: Timeless Rejuvenation for Your Arms at mySkin Mallorca

The signs of aging become evident on the arms, with the upper arms particularly affected by the natural aging process. Due to the comparatively thin skin in this area, the upper arms tend to sag quickly. Women, in particular, often find themselves confronted with these signs of time, leading them to avoid sleeveless clothing as they age.

Rejuvenating your arms can restore the confidence you need. At mySkin Mallorca, we offer non-invasive procedures to permanently tighten your upper arms. Depending on your personal situation and preferences, various methods are available for arm rejuvenation, including collagen inductors like PLLA, lasers, thread lifting, or customized combinations. Through a comprehensive diagnostic discussion, we identify the suitable concept for you and jointly develop an individualized treatment plan, allowing you to experience your body in its full attractiveness once again.

Perfect for Taut Upper Arms:

The sagging of the upper arms is a natural consequence of fat and muscle loss, as well as the reduction of collagen and elastin, coupled with excessive skin stretching. It is often perceived as an aesthetic flaw, leading those affected to experience low self-esteem. Thanks to cutting-edge methods, we can perform a completely scar-free arm rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca.


Common Symptoms: Excess Skin and "Bingo Wings"

Excess Skin and “Bingo Wings”

We understand that a well-groomed appearance includes not just a naturally contoured face but also a firm body. The arms, in particular, are often affected. The noticeable disproportion between the skin envelope and the actual arm circumference is striking due to the thin skin. We are happy to combine the Sculpsure laser with collagen inductors to enable sculpting of the area. Feel free to consult with the experts at mySkin Clinic at no cost and without obligation – we look forward to assisting you!

Wrinkles on the Upper Arms

The aging process includes the formation of wrinkles, prompting many women to increasingly hide behind loose and long clothing. At mySkin, we can treat and prevent these wrinkles based on an individualized treatment concept. We place great emphasis on not just concealing but causally eliminating aesthetic flaws. Therefore, we work with special collagen inductors like PLLA (Lanluma), which are ideal for treating wrinkles and skin sagging on the elbows and upper arms. In combination with other methods, such as a lifting procedure that supports the collagen network with smooth threads and stimulates tissue renewal, we achieve optimal results.

Advantages of the Treatment: No Scars, Instantly Social, Lasting Results

No Scars:

All the methods we apply in our mySkin Clinic are non-invasive. This means we exclusively focus on gentle techniques using lasers, threads, and injections that do not contribute to scarring. Hence, the intervention is not noticeable, only the result – a youthfully firm upper arm region.

Instantly Social

Our methods for arm rejuvenation require no downtime. You are instantly socially active after the treatment and can resume your work and hobbies. Only activities such as sauna visits, fitness, or swimming should be avoided in the first few days. We are happy to provide separate advice on this in a personal consultation.

Lasting Results:

We place great importance on ensuring that you feel comfortable, and the results of our treatments last as long as possible. Therefore, we combine specific techniques and stimulate the body’s own processes during the treatment. This allows us to guarantee lasting results and give our patients back their smiles.

FAQ: Arm Rejuvenation

What methods are available for arm rejuvenation?

Our practice is among the leading clinics in this field. Through continuous optimization of our techniques and extensive expertise, we always offer our clients the latest methods of skin rejuvenation. For arm rejuvenation, we primarily work with lasers (Picoway, FRAX1940, Nordlys SWT), skin boosters, collagen inductors like PLLA, and threads.

All our non-invasive treatments for arm rejuvenation leave no scars.

We prefer various lasers that we also combine. The Picoway Resolve, FRAXPro, and Nordlys SWT provide excellent collagen induction, effectively counteracting skin aging.