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Breast Augmentation: The Secret to a Confident Décolleté

Statistically, breast augmentation ranks among the most sought-after and frequently performed aesthetic procedures. This comes as no surprise, as a full and beautiful décolleté has long been associated with health, beauty, and sensuality. However, changes in breast shape, including sagging tissue, reduced volume, and asymmetries, can manifest after significant weight loss, during breastfeeding, or as a natural part of aging.

In our esteemed mySkin Mallorca clinic, we collaborate with leading aesthetic surgeons to fulfill your dream of a perfect décolleté.

Breast Augmentation is perfect for:

Volume Enhancement in the Breast Area

At mySkin Mallorca, we rely on high-quality implants to rebuild the breast. There are not only various sizes available but also different positions for the implants. Depending on preference and medical indication, breast reconstruction or reshaping is possible. Schedule a consultation and receive comprehensive information about the individual options for breast augmentation.

Common Signs:

Small Breast Size

Small breasts may result from natural causes or life events such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations. Many women suffer from the perception of small breasts, especially if the reduction is acquired and they were accustomed to a fuller décolleté. Such physical changes can significantly impact self-image, causing discomfort, loss of libido, or even psychological distress.

FAQs on Breast Augmentation at mySkin Mallorca

What is breast augmentation, and how is it performed?

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that involves using high-quality implants to increase breast volume. Our experienced surgeons at mySkin Mallorca tailor the technique individually, selecting different implant sizes and positions to achieve the desired results.

Small breast size, loss of breast volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and asymmetrical breasts are common signs that may justify considering breast augmentation. If these factors affect your self-image or cause discomfort, a consultation may be worthwhile.
We offer a variety of high-quality implants in different sizes and materials. The selection depends on individual preferences, body structure, and medical considerations. During the consultation at mySkin Mallorca, you will be fully informed about the available options to make the best decision.

The recovery time varies but generally takes a few weeks. Our surgeons provide clear instructions for postoperative care, and regular check-ups are scheduled to monitor the healing process. After the recovery phase, you can enjoy your breasts and boost your confidence.

Like any surgery, breast augmentation carries certain risks. Our experienced surgeons thoroughly inform you about potential complications and work with the utmost precision to minimize the risk. A comprehensive preoperative discussion provides an opportunity to address any questions.
The result of breast augmentation is long-term, but breasts are subject to the natural aging process. Regular check-ups and a healthy lifestyle contribute to promoting the longevity of the results.
At mySkin Mallorca, we focus on proven methods with high-quality implants. Non-surgical alternatives are considered on an individual basis, but breast augmentation with implants is often the most effective and long-lasting solution.

Note: These answers serve general information and do not replace individual consultation with our professionals. For specific questions about your case, we recommend a personal consultation at our mySkin Mallorca clinic.