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Bye-Bye Fat: Dreamy Contours with mySkin Mallorca

A slender, healthy body is the goal for many. Despite a focus on sports and conscious nutrition, localized fat deposits often resist all efforts.

In our mySkin Mallorca practice, we offer effective solutions for the permanent reduction of fat cells without invasive procedures. Methods such as the SculpSure laser, fat-dissolving injections, liposuction, and laser-assisted liposuction are at your disposal.

Our Bye-Bye Fat treatments are perfect for:

  Slim Waist & Flat Stomach:

Our fat reduction methods are ideal for sculpting a slim waist and flat stomach. SculpSure laser or fat-dissolving injections are suitable for small, stubborn fat pockets, while larger interventions are reserved for surgical liposuction.

Lean Thighs & Arms

Treatments for arms and legs are highly sought after in our practice. With a few laser sessions, we achieve excellent results, accompanied by effective skin tightening that also addresses cellulite.

Contoured Face Oval

Smaller areas such as a double chin or excess cheek fat can also be precisely modeled with our fat reduction methods. We prefer the SculpSure laser or injection lipolysis in this area.

Most common symptoms:

Stubborn Fat Pockets

Conservative methods often fall short in eliminating these. Our fat reduction methods offer targeted solutions.

Advantages of the Bye-Bye Fat treatment:

Permanent Reduction of Fat Cells:

With injection lipolysis or SculpSure fat-dissolving laser, it’s possible to permanently reduce existing fat cells. This means existing fat cells can be selectively dissolved, reducing the “reserve storage” and avoiding a yo-yo effect.

Targeted Modeling of Specific Areas

Fat-dissolving injections and SculpSure allow us to shape individual areas precisely, providing a harmonious silhouette.

FAQ about our Our Bye-Bye Fat treatments

Can Fat Pockets be Targeted Specifically?

Our fat reduction methods offer targeted removal, even when diet and exercise fall short.

In an on-site consultation, we discuss the optimal method for your individual situation.

Fat cells dissolved with injection lipolysis or the fat-dissolving SculpSure laser are naturally transported through the lymphatic system after treatment.