Cellulite: Goodbye to Annoying Dimples at mySkin Mallorca

Cellulite, predominantly affecting women due to the specific structure of skin and connective tissue fibers, is a widespread nuisance. The exceptionally elastic and delicate dermis, crucial for pregnancies and abdominal growth, is also prone to the development of cellulite.


The treatment of cellulite is perfect for:

Well-shaped curves

At mySkin Mallorca, we offer various methods to combat cellulite. Typically, we utilize microinjections of fat-dissolving, circulation-promoting, and toning substances. These enhance microcirculation and simultaneously stimulate the lymphatic system. If an additional reduction of fat deposits is desired, the procedure can be extended with a Fat-Away injection. This way, you can achieve fantastic results after just a few sessions and rejoice in your well-shaped curves.

Common Symptoms:

Sagging skin tissue

Due to lack of movement or significant weight fluctuations, skin tissue can sag over time. Conventional methods provide limited repair for loose skin, necessitating professional assistance. At mySkin Mallorca, we regularly treat patients with similar issues, offering extensive experience in dealing with cellulite and sagging skin.

Unwanted fat deposits

Unwanted fat deposits cannot be targeted through exercise alone. However, general weight loss might not be desired, as only partial fat reduction is often the goal. With injection lipolysis, achieving this goal becomes possible.

Weak connective tissue

Many women suffer from weak connective tissue due to genetic predispositions, previous pregnancies, or lack of exercise. Fortunately, this condition can be effectively treated. Special microinjections and targeted massages contribute to rebuilding the connective tissue.

Treatment Benefits:

Low downtime:

Thanks to our minimally invasive treatments, you’ll be socially active immediately after the appointment, requiring no long downtime. This is particularly convenient, as a long lunch break is sufficient to bring you closer to your dream body.

Painless treatment:

 The procedure is largely painless, with only a slight pinch felt at the injection site. You need not worry about possible scarring or similar concerns. The intervention is invisible, with only mild redness or bruising in the injection area in the first few days.

Long-lasting results:

Our cellulite treatments can last for several years once the desired result is achieved. This is due to the special combination of microinjections, massage, and, if necessary, injection lipolysis. Depending on the initial condition, multiple sessions may be required for an ideal outcome.


FAQ about Cellulite

Does cellulite disappear immediately after the first application?

During the initial consultation at mySkin Mallorca, we assess the severity of cellulite. Following this, we can inform you if multiple treatments are necessary. Keep in mind that the final result manifests over several weeks, and you won’t see it immediately after the treatment.

Depending on your lifestyle, cellulite may return. To prevent this, it’s advisable to prioritize regular exercise and a healthy diet. Connective tissue massages can also help prevent cellulite in the future.

Improvements after cellulite treatment vary individually. Many patients experience visible changes after several weeks. The exact timing depends on factors such as the initial condition and the treatments applied. Full results develop over weeks to months.