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CO2 Ultrapulse Laser - Your Solution for Flawless Skin and Natural Beauty

At mySkin Dermatology, our prestigious clinic, we harness the power of the innovative CO2 Ultrapulse Laser to provide you with tailored and effective skin treatments. Our focus is on understanding individual needs and enhancing your natural beauty. Here’s how this powerful laser can help you:

Your personal benefits when treating with the CO2 Ultrapulse Laser:

1.Individual Results through Targeted Skin Ablation:

Our experienced medical team utilizes the various modes of the CO2 Ultrapulse Laser to address your specific skin needs.

2. Relaxed Treatments with State-of-the-Art Technology:

We not only offer effective but also pleasant laser treatments thanks to cutting-edge technology.

How We Care for Your Skin:

1. Tissue Renewal for Radiant Skin:

By precisely removing damaged tissue, we initiate natural regeneration processes to renew your skin.

2. Targeted Scar Treatment for Harmonious Skin:

Our focus is on improving scars to promote an aesthetic and harmonious skin structure.

3. Wrinkle Reduction for Natural Beauty:

Through skin tightening and the body’s natural regeneration processes, we can minimize wrinkles to emphasize your natural beauty.

4. Effective Treatment of Skin Damage:

Whether caused by sunbathing, diseases, or injuries, the CO2 Ultrapulse Laser offers an effective solution for treating skin changes.

Specific Applications for Your Needs:

Wart Removal:

Precise removal of various wart types, including genital warts, for clear skin texture.

Lid Papilloma Treatment:

Effective removal of lid papillomas for radiant and clear eye areas.

Mole Removal:

Targeted removal of moles for an even and aesthetic skin structure.

Wrinkle Treatment:

The CO2 Ultrapulse Laser enables targeted wrinkle treatment, including perioral wrinkles, for a youthful radiance.


Improve skin texture and minimize irregularities with our resurfacing focus.

Lower and Upper Lid Tightening:

Utilize the versatile applications of the CO2 Ultrapulse Laser for targeted lid tightening.

Benefits of the CO2 Ultrapulse Laser Your Skin Will Love:

Versatile Application:

The CO2 Ultrapulse allows for various treatments tailored to your wishes and needs.

Painless Application:

Modern technology ensures painless and safe treatments for your pleasant patient experience.

FAQs about the CO2 Ultrapulse Laser

How long does recovery take after the procedure?
The duration of tissue renewal varies from procedure to procedure but is generally around 7 days. The crust should disappear after that.
A repeat is not mandatory if you are satisfied with the results. If needed, the treatment can be repeated to address age-related skin damage.

The duration of the treatment varies and depends heavily on the treated area. Generally, the larger the area, the longer the procedure. Feel free to discuss the duration in a personal consultation – Call us now.