Face of a woman before and after treatment


From the age of 25, the natural aging process begins, leading to a loss of skin firmness, dryness, and the formation of deeper wrinkles. At mySkin Mallorca, we offer a solution to slow down this biological process and alleviate existing signs of aging.

Using collagen inductors like Calcium Hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), we can naturally address volume loss in the face and reduce wrinkles.

Radiesse primarily consists of tiny microspheres of Calcium Hydroxyapatite, a mineral naturally present in our bones. These microspheres are suspended in a gel-like carrier substance. After injection, Radiesse promotes the production of the body’s own collagen, a crucial protein responsible for skin structure and elasticity. This leads to a gradual improvement in skin texture by filling in wrinkles and lines without creating an overly “plumped” appearance.

Additionally, highly diluted Calcium Hydroxylapatite can be used for treatments on the neck and décolleté. With just a few applications, you can achieve firmer, radiant, and notably more youthful skin.

Compared to some other fillers, Radiesse is relatively long-lasting and can provide visible results for up to 12 to 18 months or even longer. This makes it an attractive option for patients seeking a more extended duration of effectiveness. Radiesse treatment is typically quick and requires minimal downtime, allowing most individuals to return to their regular activities immediately after the injection.

The collagen inductor radiesse is perfect for:


The sagging of the mid-face is a common issue that arises with age. Through treatment with our collagen inductor, we can achieve sustainable collagen production and immediate moisturizing effects.


Cheek contouring is crucial to restoring the facial oval and achieving an anti-aging effect. Using the highly cross-linked collagen inductor, the mySkin Mallorca team can visually balance sagging cheeks and provide your face with a beautiful contour.


A well-defined jawline plays a vital role in a well-shaped face. Through perfect contouring, we can emphasize your beauty and clearly delineate the facial frame from the neck.


The neck, often underestimated and neglected, is an area that reveals our age early on. Radiesse can contribute to improving the appearance of the neck by restoring volume and minimizing wrinkles. This is particularly useful for individuals noticing signs of “neck bands” or sagging in this region. A course of Radiesse can influence the signs of aging in your favor.

The combination of Radiesse with skin boosters, also known as the Hybrid Treatment, is an innovative approach in aesthetic medicine. In this combination therapy, Radiesse is combined with hyaluronic acid-based products. Radiesse fills in volume and stimulates collagen production, while skin boosters provide moisture to the skin and improve skin texture.

It is essential to note that these treatments should be performed by experienced and qualified professionals. Before a Hybrid Treatment with Radiesse and skin boosters, it is advisable to undergo a thorough consultation to discuss your goals and expectations and ensure that this is the right option for your needs.


Similar to the neck area, Radiesse can be used in the décolleté area to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce wrinkles. This can contribute to achieving smoother and more youthful skin structure. The additional hydration of the skin makes your décolleté shine in a new light immediately after treatment.

Common Symptoms

Sagging Cheeks

A sagging cheek area often makes individuals appear tired and drained. With the help of collagen inductors, we can eliminate sagging cheeks and restore your original facial shape. This gives you an open look and a fresher appearance.

Sagging Jawline

The aging process can lead to the chin line appearing less sharp and defined over time. These changes are often the result of a loss of skin elasticity, loss of volume in fat tissue and collagen, muscle atrophy, and gravity. This can lead to a loss of chin contour. With collagen inductors, we can model a defined chin line and tighten sagging skin.

Dry Skin

Our hybrid technique provides automatic hydration of the skin, especially beneficial for dry skin. Multiple issues can be individually treated during one application.

Treatment Benefits:

Combinations & Series Treatments

To achieve sustainable improvement, we recommend our mySkin Mallorca customers repeat the treatment regularly or combine the collagen inductor with other active ingredients in a special hybrid technique. This helps maintain achieved shapes and the entered anti-aging effect, prolonging the improvement of skin appearance.

Definition of Specific Areas

Calcium Hydroxylapatite enables multiple positive effects. On the one hand, it moisturizes the skin from the inside, and specific areas like cheeks or the chin line can be targeted for modeling. On the other hand, calcium activates fibroblasts, responsible for collagen production, leading to a long-term improvement in skin firmness.

FAQs on the collagen inductor radiesse

What is a collagen inductor?

A collagen inductor supplies the skin with moisture, stimulates collagen formation and is ideal for modeling certain zones (e.g. jawline). In addition, the calcium it contains ensures activation of the fibroblasts, which are responsible for collagen production. In this way we can treat sagging areas of the face and neck and even décolleté wrinkles.

The first results are visible immediately after the treatment; slight swelling is normal in the first few days. Collagen formation takes some time, but within a few weeks your skin should have significantly improved elasticity.

Results typically last up to 1.5 years. Afterwards, another treatment with mySkin Mallorca should be carried out.