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Décolleté Rejuvenation: Experience Timeless Elegance

A well-maintained décolleté is a summer essential. Aging signs, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity, can be effectively addressed through professional treatments. In our mySkin practice, we offer targeted solutions for sustainable décolleté rejuvenation.

Causes of Aging Signs:

  • Personal predisposition
  • Decreased skin quality
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Reduced skin water retention
  • Diminished hyaluronic acid levels
  • Collagen fiber breakdown in the subcutaneous layer
  • Lack of breast support
  • Incorrect sleep habits
  • Excessive UV radiation

Our Solutions:

1. Professional Assessment: Begin with an individualized skin analysis to plan targeted treatments.

2. Tailored Solutions: Customize treatments to personal needs, from innovative technologies to skin renewal procedures.

3. Revitalization of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid: Replenish essential elements, improving skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration.

4. Personalized Care Plans: Collaborate with our experts to create an individual care plan considering your lifestyle and desired outcomes.

Reclaim confidence with a radiant décolleté!

Our Décolleté treatment is perfect for:

Décolleté Rejuvenation and Skin Perfection

The décolleté is a highly visible area that often reveals our true age. At mySkin, we offer targeted treatments to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation, and other signs of aging. From thread lifting to laser treatments, collagen inductors, and fillers, we tailor individual therapy plans for a youthful, firm décolleté.

Common Symptoms:

Breast Volume Loss

Age-related loss of fat, water, and muscle can impact the décolleté. Our advanced fillers and collagen inductors compensate for this loss, shaping a youthful and full décolleté.

Sagging Tissues

Decreased elastin and collagen lead to skin stretching and sagging tissues. Traditional bras offer only surface-level coverage. Our experts utilize advanced laser technologies, injections, and tightening treatments to firm the skin and rebuild sagging tissues.

Décolleté Wrinkles

With age, skin loses elasticity and moisture, resulting in fine wrinkles. Our innovative hybrid technique and tailored treatments provide lasting skin improvements and a fresh complexion.

Give your décolleté the care it deserves and experience radiant skin perfection. Our experts are available for a non-binding consultation on individual rejuvenation possibilities.

Décolleté Rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca: Your Benefits

Breast Volume Build-up:

We address age-related volume loss in a few sessions, regardless of breast size or post-pregnancy changes.

Skin Hydration

Hyaluronic acid, combined with collagen inductors and other methods, moisturizes the skin internally, preventing wrinkles and giving your décolleté freshness and radiance.

Natural Skin Smoothing

Lifting threads, hyaluronic acid, and innovative combination treatments achieve natural skin smoothing. The groundbreaking hybrid technique hydrates, builds volume, and stimulates the body’s collagen production – all in one session. Travel to Mallorca and experience this unique treatment at mySkin, your expert in skin aesthetics.

FAQs on Décolleté Rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca

Is non-invasive décolleté rejuvenation possible without surgery?

 Yes, at mySkin Mallorca, we offer non-invasive procedures like thread lifting, collagen building with collagen inductors, filler applications, laser treatments, and combination therapies to achieve décolleté rejuvenation without surgery.

Yes, special PLLA fillers like Lanluma allow for the buildup of additional volume in the treated area. This is particularly interesting in the context of décolleté rejuvenation or non-surgical butt lifts.

Depending on lifestyle, skincare habits, and predisposition, the result can last up to 2 years. Smoking and intensive sports can accelerate substance breakdown. A touch-up treatment is always possible to maintain the result.