Cover ups

Prepare cover-ups with the Pico laser

Old or unsightly tattoos do not always have to be completely lasered away. Often the body art can be covered up with a new tattoo. A so-called cover-up tattoo is very popular among tattoo fans. Unfortunately, not all tattoo colours can be covered up equally well with new ones. But don’t worry! Because even in this case, the tried and tested Picoway® laser can be used.

In the course of a cover-up preparation, dark or too dense pigments can be lightened by means of laser treatment. After the treatment with the Pico Laser, the old tattoo can then be covered up much more easily with a new motif.

Like tattoo removal, cover-up preparation with the Picoway Laser is completely painless and is suitable for any tattoo colour currently available on the market.
Have we aroused your interest in cover-up preparation? Then make an appointment today for a treatment with our Pico Laser. So that a new work of art can soon find its place on your skin.

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