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Hand rejuvenation

Our hands reflect who we are. A few centuries ago, particularly fine, white and soft hands were the hallmark of an aristocrat. After all, the aristocracy did not have to do heavy work with their hands – that was reserved for the peasants. This idea has held true until today, because beautiful, well-groomed hands still belong to a well-groomed appearance.

The back of the hand is a relatively reliable indicator of a person’s age. As the years go by, the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the hand decreases and the connective tissue becomes weaker. Excess skin forms and wrinkles appear. Pigment deposits (age spots) also form, sun damage becomes visible and tendons and bones show through the skin. When the hands look significantly older than the face, the harmonious overall picture is thrown out of balance. At mySkin Mallorca we have effective treatments to restore this harmony.

Hand rejuvenation is perfect for:

Pigment spots, wrinkles on the back of the hand

Pigment spots, wrinkles and veins are the direct result of collagen and moisture loss in the tissues. At mySkin, we can make your hands look years younger with minimally invasive methods such as laser treatments and injections.

Most common symptoms:

Tissue laxity and wrinkles

The loss of fat tissue, increased dehydration and the breakdown of collagen causes the tissue to sag. Bones and tendons become visible on the back of the hand, making our hands look years older. With special fillers, it is possible to partially rebuild the tissue by filling in and building up collagen.

Age spots on the back of the hand

Age spots on the back of the hand
Age spots can develop over time as a result of pigmentation or melanin deposits and excessive exposure to the sun. These can be removed with special laser methods, resulting in a more even and youthful complexion.

Advantages of the treatment:

Visible rejuvenation

The hands are the first to reveal our age and are almost always exposed. By rejuvenating this area, you will achieve a more youthful appearance and a more balanced overall appearance. Because the results of a filler or laser treatment are immediately visible, you can expect pleasant compliments from people after the first treatment.

Long-term results

By hydrating and rebuilding the tissue, your hands will immediately appear smoother and less wrinkled. As the hyaluron in the filler is a naturally occurring substance, the treatment is particularly gentle and long-lasting.

FAQ regarding hand rejuvenation

What does hand rejuvenation do?

For a harmonious, aesthetic appearance, hand care is just as important as facial care. Signs of aging on the hands disrupt the overall appearance and can quickly reveal your true age. To prevent this, we work with special lasers or fillers for hand rejuvenation.

When are fillers used for hand rejuvenation?
Fillers are mainly used when the tissue of the back of the hand is affected by natural aging, or when there are wrinkles and dry skin. This loss of volume can be compensated by a treatment with the right filler from mySkin Mallorca.
When is laser used for hand rejuvenation?

Lasers are mainly used to remove annoying pigmentation, but also to induce collagen. Already after the first treatment you will see a clear difference – just try it and let the result convince you.