Profhilo® at mySkin Mallorca


Do you have tired, dehydrated skin? Then a Profhilo® treatment at mySkin clinic is perfect for you! This unique hyaluronic acid application does not give your skin a punctual moisture boost, but literally floods your skin with moisture. Look forward to a painless, gentle treatment with Profhilo® – with immediate results and no downtime.
Using a very fine needle, Profhilo® is injected into the skin at 5-8 injection points. The result is a smoothing of fine lines, resurfacing and radiance of the facial skin. The treatment also improves the texture of the skin on the neck, décolleté and hands.

Profhilo® is perfect for:

dry skin cheek

Dry facial skin

Profhilo® is a unique anti-ageing therapy designed to replenish hyaluronic acid depots and improve skin quality over time. Profhilo® is therefore not a classic filler but a moisturiser.

dry skin throat

Dry skin on the neck & décolleté

The increase in volume associated with the treatment has a positive effect on the skin of the neck and décolleté. Dry skin is also replenished with moisture, leaving it with an attractive glow.

dry skin hand

Dry skin on the back of the hands

Our hands reveal our age – we can change that! A back of the hand treatment with Profhilo® restores lost moisture to dry skin. The added volume conceals protruding veins and bumps for a more youthful appearance.

Most common symptoms:

Dryness Wrinkles

From the age of 30, the amount of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the skin steadily decreases and the first signs of ageing become increasingly visible. Fine lines appear, facial features change and the skin as a whole looks significantly older. Profhilo® gives you fast results and an immediately visible rejuvenation of your skin.

Dry skin

Profhilo® is a unique anti-ageing therapy designed to replenish hyaluronic acid depots and improve the quality of the skin in the long term. The hydrating effect is particularly beneficial for dry skin, which looks fresher and more youthful immediately after treatment.

Pale skin tone

Skin tone also suffers from a lack of moisture. As a result, your skin looks consistently pale, dull and tired. With the help of Profhilo®, we can give your skin a moisture boost in no time – for more radiance and a glowing complexion!

Advantages of Profilo®:

Combination treatment

Profhilo® can be combined with all current aesthetic and cosmetic procedures such as lasers, fillers and neuromodulators. Thanks to this combination treatment, we can respond even more intensively to your individual skin needs and offer you the best possible treatment. Simply contact us!

Even distribution

Thanks to its unique formulation and the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, Profhilo® floods the skin with moisture from within. Thanks to the unique “spreading effect”, Profhilo® is distributed evenly and works optimally. By the way, the effect lasts up to 6 months, which can be further prolonged with a combination treatment.

FAQ about Profhilo®

Treatment with Profhilo® is suitable for all areas that need to be visibly rejuvenated with a kind of freshness kick. In addition to the face, the neck, décolleté and the backs of the hands are particularly popular.

Already after two treatments within four weeks, a clear freshness effect can be seen, which smoothes the skin and makes wrinkles disappear. Even with very wrinkled skin, an improvement in the overall texture is noticeable. To maintain the achieved result in the long term, a booster treatment can be performed after six months.

For a long-lasting result, two treatments are usually recommended at intervals of four weeks. The final result is usually visible four weeks after the second treatment.

We recommend not taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs for a few days before the treatment. This considerably reduces the risk of bruising at the injection sites. Feel free to contact us - our mySkin team is looking forward to meeting you!