Acne in teenagers and adults

Acne occurs in almost all young people, and it is clearly visible and may leave scars in approx. 20-30% of them. Boys suffer more from acne than girls do. The first signs begin during puberty. The majority of acne heals up between the ages of 20 and 30. It is rare for acne to only commence during adulthood, or remain throughout your entire life.

Treat pimples, blackheads, and open pores both gently and effectively

A targeted and individually adapted course of treatment is required depending on each type of acne. There are a number of medical options: from laser with LED and PDT through to medication and peelings.

The patient, dermatologist and cosmetician must work together closely for treatment to be successful. Medical cleansing and deep cleaning is the responsibility of a medically trained cosmetician. This is complemented by microdermabrasion, special masks and lymphatic drainage.

Arranging home care, make-up advice and psychological support for those affected forms part of the acne treatment program