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Cure skin cancer permanently

Forms of skin cancer and their preliminary stages include: malignant melanomas, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and actinic keratosis. With these changes, a particular emphasis is placed on precautions. If the diagnosis is detected early, then appropriate treatment can be initiated, and the cancer is fully curable.

The basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common skin tumour in our latitudes. BCC is also occurring increasingly more often in younger people because of changes in leisure habits. Fair-skinned people, who have been exposed to the sun for a number of years are in the highest risk category. Unlike other forms of skin cancer, basaliom never spreads to other organs. Basal cell carcinoma develops predominantly on areas of the face which are chronically exposed to UV, such as the nose, the cheeks, the temple, the forehead, or the ears. The first sign is often a small, glassy white to reddish nodule with fine veins, or a relatively inconspicuous reddened, scaly patch. Basal cell carcinomas can be cured definitely and completely with timely and full removal.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

The spinaliom is the second most common type of mild skin cancer. Fair-skinned people are mostly at risk. As with basal cell carcinoma, chronic UV exposure is the main cause for the development of spinaliomas. It is possible that they may resettle in distant organs (metastasis), however this is quite rare. Spinaliomas should therefore be removed early. Along with the skin, squamous cell carcinoma also occurs in mucous membranes, such as in the oral mucosa. Particular triggers here include smoking and heavy alcohol consumption.

Malignant Melanoma (MM)

Melanoma is a malignant growth of the skin’s pigment cells and can occur anywhere on the skin, not only on skin which is exposed to the sun. Melanomas generate an early metastasis (spreading) through the lymphatic and blood vessels, and therefore represent the most dangerous and most common deadly progressive skin growth. Unfortunately, the number of new cases is increasing worldwide. A safe prevention is to have your skin checked once a year by a dermatologist, because melanoma is 100% curable in early stages which have been identified.