Skin growths

What do you do with skin growths?

Skin growths should essentially be examined and diagnosed expertly by dermatologist > Skin check. An examination of the tissues will be arranged if the dermatologist identifies any suspicious skin mutations.

Benign skin mutations may occur in any skin and subcutaneous tissue structures. For example, they can originate from vessels, pigment cells, sebaceous and sweat glands, or from fat and connective tissues. If there are benign skin growths which impact on those affected for aesthetic or functional reasons, then these can be removed surgically or by using laser surgery.

The following benign skin mutations can be treated by using lasers:

Virus warts such as
Molluscum contagiosum
• Genital warts
• Plantar warts

Non-contagious warts such as
• fibroids (stalk warts)
• senile warts

Other benign neoplasms for instance are soft moles (dermale Nävi).

> Cysts and lipomas etc. are treated with skin surgery.