Couperose (Rosacea)

Couperosis (Rosacea)

Rosacea is translated as “rosebud” and is widely used in pale-skinned people as mentioned above. In addition to intermittent facial flushing, it is used for expanding blood vessels, which allow the skin to “blossom” into a red colour. This is a harmless disease, however, its obviousness often causes considerable psychological pressure in those it affects.

Apart from a certain hereditary disposition, an abnormal reaction of the vessels supplying the facial skin (so-called microcirculatory disorder) is significant. Regular alcohol intake may cause the rosacea to flare up, however rosacea patients are not relapsing alcoholics. Triggering factors: stressful situations and conflicts, the sun, heat or cold, very hot or hot and spicy food and alcohol expand the vessels and make the skin irritable. These vary significantly from one individual to another and should be identified on a case by case basis.

Rosacea treatment is highly promising, provided it is scheduled comprehensively and individually. Cosmetic skin care and consistent sun protection are important, along with medical assistance.