Skin makeover

mySkin embellishes your skin

Who would not want beautiful, healthy and smooth skin which makes us feel comfortable? mySkin will help you make this dream come true.

With us, your skin is in safe hands

It is particularly important to us that we preserve our skin’s natural beauty and health based on your proportions and overall image, and that we can therefore provide you with an expression of youthful freshness.

  • three treatment methods are on offer to counteract any tedious, diet-resistant subcutaneous fat : fat away injection, lipo laser and liposuction
  • tattoos can literally be wiped away with lasers, and this type of modern technology normally makes the right choice when it comes to correcting scars
  • we rely on laser treatments, peelings, and micro dermabrasion to combat pigment disorders and age spots
  • virtually every woman knows about the annoying subject of cellulite. With mesotherapy, we can push any misery aside
  • any annoying depilation can become a thing of the past thanks to silver bullet lasers
  • we would recommend sclerotherapy and/or lasers to combat spider veins, depending on the level of severity
  • Prof. Dr. Boris Todoroff, a well-known plastic surgeon from Vienna performs cosmetic surgery exclusively for mySkin