The fact that cellulite almost exclusively affects females is down to the specific structure of their skin and connective tissues, as well as its reaction to female hormones: the female dermis is more elastic and finer than that found in males. Hormones, age, a lack of exercise, and being overweight play a decisive role in the manifestation of cellulite as part of an equivalent genetic disposition. Smoking is also considered to be a risk factor.

Meso Cellulite

The micro injection of fat dissolving, and tonic substances which stimulate the flow of blood such as artichoke extract, caffeine, and L-carnitine improves micro circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Fat cells can be removed successfully from the body by using a new fat away injection.

Cellulite Away

We would recommend Cellulite Away treatment as a support program, a perfect combination of a 60-minute massage stimulated with lymph flow, with a detoxifying body mask made from caviar extract and gold. The intensive care effect improves the skin’s tension forces and elasticity, and the contours are strengthened.