Tattoo Removal

Bye bye tattoo

Fashion moves on, the tattoo remains.

They are supposed to last forever, yet what was once considered to be an expression of a particular attitude towards life can perhaps be a sign of embarrassing times. Whether this be tramp stamps, ex-partners or angel wings: people notice sooner or later that something dubious and negative is inherent in these “works of art”, and that they often turn out to be an obstacle to a genuine career.

Bye bye tattoo?

No more wishful thinking: with the Affinity®-Laser, we will remove any memories which have turned unpleasant.

The number of sessions required is dependent on the amount of colour pigments, the stitching depth, and the type and number of colours. Professional tattoos require between eight and twelve courses of treatment, whereas amateur tattoos require between four and six sessions. You should leave a gap of between four and six weeks in between sessions.