Skin protection

mySkin protects your skin

This cannot be repeated often enough: You only have one skin – and it does not forget anything.

Protection is simpler than cure. Sunscreen subsequently gives you the chance to prevent skin cancer and other sun damage effectively. mySkin will be happy to advise you and will be pleased with your healthy and beautiful skin!

Up until well into the 1990s, it was a real nuisance to use more and faster suntan oils without protective filters. Every type of sunburn sticks and is irreversible. Do get your skin checked on a regular basis, because the earlier any damage can be detected, the more successfully it can be cured.

Special attention is paid to protecting the sensitive skin in children.

Have you had any unpleasant contact with animals? mySkin will advise and will also help with jellyfish bites, insect stings and head lice.