Children’s Skin

Children’s skin

Children’s skin is of genuine concern to mySkin. It is thinner and therefore more susceptible to damage from the sun. The pigment system only develops over time and still fails to provide any UV protection in children. Irreparable damage occurs much later in early childhood, and this can be prevented.

Sun protection

How do we protect our children most effectively? Even if children often find the entire procedure to be a nuisance: It is important to apply cream generously with a minimum sun protection factor of 50, and to do so again each time it comes into contact with water. Also protect your child with UV protective clothing and hats, which are now available in numerous and comfortable alternatives. We will be happy to advise you when choosing the product.
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Eczema, skin rashes

Children’s skin is highly reactive and is therefore particularly sensitive: diaper dermatitis, neurodermatitis, allergic reactions to medication or food, contact eczema, rashes from insect stings, to name just a handful of examples. Children’s skin with rashes and eczema is in the hands of an experienced dermatologist!

Head lice

Multiple aphid infestations are common during childhood and have nothing to do with hygiene. You can see which measures you should take quickly and effectively here.


Unfortunately, skin cancer diagnoses are also increasing in children. We therefore recommend you also undergo a regular skin check.

Mollusca contagiosa

This harmless albeit annoying and contagious type of wart occurs particularly frequently in children.
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