Mosquito repellent

Mosquito plague?

The hot and humid climate over recent times has allowed particularly large numbers of mosquito larvae to hatch. The aggressive bloodsuckers can make our mild late summer evening really unpleasant. Even tiger mosquitoes are becoming increasingly common in Mallorca.

Prevent it from spreading

Standing water, puddles, and flower bowls with water residue are the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.


  • Mosquito mosquito grids on the windows, mosquito nets on the bed, clothing
  • mosquito repellents
  • mosquito zappers (a biocide vaporiser, which is not entirely without health-risks, and why it is not for long-term use). The effectiveness of ultrasound equipment is contentious.

Curing stings

  • Sting cure: treatment without chemicals. Heating the sting spot at a flat 50° (this is not entirely without pain!) breaks down the protein compounds of insect poison.
  • gels and ointments: e.g. Fenistil gel


You should see a doctor whenever a mosquito bite has a severe reaction, the redness continues to spread, or if you experience a fever and shivering. You are required to visit a doctor whenever there is an unusual reaction after a journey around the tropics!

Tiger mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito, which was spotted in Mallorca for the first time in 2012 is continuously on the rise. Unlike its relatives, it is particularly aggressive, active during the daytime, and clothing does not present any obstacles to them. The initial stings can hurt and often trigger allergic reactions, because the immune system is not yet accustomed to this venom. Up until now, no diseases have been transmitted by the tiger mosquito. It is rarely tackled with insecticides. If you spot a tiger mosquito, then please report this to the 24h 112 hotline.