Skin Cancer Prevention

Modern methods for detecting skin cancer early

The number of skin cancer cases has increased dramatically over recent years. There are a number of reasons for this increase: changes in leisure habits (e.g. outdoor sports), increased exposure to the sun (solarium), aesthetic ideals “tanned skin”, higher exposure to UV (“hole in ozone layer”), and other environmental influences…

Mole Screening: Do your video skin check now!

Video documentation of your moles is a safe way to detect skin cancer early. It is important that you monitor your moles continuously, because taking precaution helps the curing process. mySkin works with the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure skin cancer is detected early. Electronic storage of your skin allows for a detailed comparison of past and present skin results. Each optical change in birthmarks can therefore be identified clearly.

If any pathological changes are detected, then the microscopically accurate diagnosis helps to plan the extent of outpatient surgery required for removing the marks more constructively and more safely.

When was your last skin check?

We will be happy to add you to our recall system, and remind you of your next check depending on your individual level of risk.

We will keep an eye on your skin!