Skin protection (AOX, SPF)

Skin protection

The sun has plenty of power even in the winter, spring and autumn. Because this is how quickly you can catch sunburn! Your skin doesn’t forget anything. The risk of skin cancer increases substantially in addition to premature aging. We cannot warn you about this often enough! I once again find myself using far too little amounts of sun protection. A quick reminder: one teaspoon alone for our face…

By the way: many women find bald males sexy. Perfect protection is therefore essential on this exposed area.

Sun protection for children

As a mummy this is a subject close to my own heart: How do we protect our children most effectively? With which product, which factor, what quantity, how often? I know how little ones often do find the entire procedure annoying. It is important to apply cream generously with a minimum sun protection factor of 50, and to do so again each time it comes into contact with water. Personally, I really rate the highly compatible products from La Roche Posay™, which are available from most pharmacies. Also protect your child with UV protective clothing and hats, which are now available in numerous and comfortable alternatives.

Sun protection products

mySkin offers high-quality sun protection products from Med Beauty™, which are also particularly suitable for demanding, mature skin in both men and for women. All Med Beauty™ products are based on the latest generation light protection substances. The so-called “Cell Repair Activity System™” prevents any harmful effects from free radicals and any premature aging of the skin effectively.

Seek advice from us! Some examples are below:

Double Care Tube

  • lip balm and face cream in a practical size for your golf bag and handbag

Sun Care Face SPF 50

  • with high-quality, nourishing substances such as magnolia vine herb and cactus water for an antioxidant effect
  • extra calming and anti-inflammatory measures with Bisabolo and Panthenol
  • a unique light texture, ideal distribution, and the best possible protection

Sun Care Face & Body oil free SPF30

  • also extremely acceptable for sun allergies
  • ideal for all skin types
  • suitable as make-up foundation

Sun Care Face & Body SPF30 waterproofSun Care Face & Body SPF30 wasserfest

  • ideal for everyone who sweats quickly and for water sports enthusiasts

Sun Care Face & Body After Sun Gel

  • intensively moisturising and anti-inflammatory thanks to Alpine rose extracts, Bisabolo and cactus water for smoothly calming after effects from the sunintensiv befeuchtend und entzündungshemmend dank Alpenrosenextrakt, Bisabolol und Aqua Catchen für eine wohltuende Beruhigung der Haut nach der Sonneneinwirkjung
  • stimulates the regeneration of skin cellsregt die Neubildung der Hautzellen an

All of the products are available from us inside the practice.


With active skin care products, you are also able to support treatments at home with effective medical products. So-called Cosmeceuticals are located within a threshold in between medicine and cosmetics, and promise sensational results. mySkin relies on selected products from the following manufacturers, which you are also able to get directly from the practice, or can order via e-mail. We will happily advise you based on your skin type and your requirements.

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Products with highly concentrated, scientifically proven active ingredients, natural plant extracts, and the world’s most powerful antioxidants such as CEFerulic Serum or PhloretinCE.

e.g. optimal skin regeneration during sleep with Resveratrol

skinceuticals Produkte
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Cell Premium Swiss

e.g. ICON cream, Cell Premium Serum

Cell Premium Products
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Med Beauty

e.g. Gly Skin, Aminocare, VIP Vitamin C, Dermaflavon Cream, Sun products

med beauty skincare products