Skin rejuvenation

Myskin rejuvenates your skin

It is especially people who lead an active and dynamic life who simply want to look both active and dynamic. Physical or mental stress, infections, smoking, and above all, UV light allow free radicals into the skin’s cellular metabolism, which can cause damage to the metabolic processes. The visible skin aging process begins when you are in your mid-30s. The skin texture is coarser, and the pores are larger. In addition, the skin becomes drier because the sebaceous glands continue to produce less fat with increasing age. And finally, this process accelerates in women with a post-menopause drop in estrogen levels.

It is particularly important to us that we preserve our skin’s natural beauty and health based on your proportions and overall image, and that we are therefore able provide you with an expression of youthful freshness.

  • Do you feel younger and wish to reflect this too?
  • Do you not want your hands, neck or décolleté to defy your age?
  • Are you no longer satisfied with the image you can see in the mirror?

Well there is no need to put up with this any longer. We have the most up to date methods available to turn back time: volume structure, wrinkle treatment, collagen structure – to name just a few. And all of these are actually tailored to your personal needs.