Age Spots

Age spots

Almost everybody will get age spots (pigmentation) at some stage. The good news: removal is no longer an issue nowadays!

What are age spots?

Brown spots do show up in some people who are the wrong side of forty, and sometimes even earlier, especially when they live in sunny regions such as Mallorca, and these particularly show up on the face, on the back of the hand, and on the neckline, and they become larger in numbers with advancing age. These are normally light to dark brown, flat, and range from being lens sized to coin sized. Dermatologists elegantly name these “Lentigines solares”, while non-experts know them rather unflatteringly as age spots.

What can be done to prevent age spots?

Many people find age spots cosmetically unpleasant. Various procedures are available to have them removed. Removal with laser therapy is now the most elegant and widespread method. The benefit of this is pigment laser is that the epidermis remains fully intact, and only minimal sloughing occurs. The age spot has already disappeared after treatment in the majority of cases.

Treatment should be provided during the months where there is less sunlight. One or two courses of treatment are normally required.

Picture before treatment with the nordlys swt Picture after treatment with the nordlys swt