Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands inform our counterparts of who, how and what we are. The back of the hand reveals a person’s age. The subcutaneous fatty tissue of the hand reduces over the years, and the connective tissue also decreases. It forms excess skin, and wrinkles appear. In addition, alterations in pigmentation (age spots), and sun damage become apparent, and tendons and bones appear through the skin. If your hands clearly appear older than they should for your age, then the harmony of your overall appearance will become imbalanced. We can restore this harmony by using effective treatment methods.

Filler treatment

The skin on the back of the hand only has a very thin supporting fatty structure. In addition, it is very thin, and is normally exposed to the sun when uncovered. Therefore, the skin already loses its elasticity early on. Blood vessels and tendons emerge stronger. The backs of the hands are highlighted with a thin, uniform layer of hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite which is virtually free from pain and without complications. The hands clearly appear visibly rejuvenated.

Laser treatment

Dermatological and aesthetic laser medicine forms an essential component of the mySkin skin and laser centre treatment plan. The mySkin skin and laser centre has various laser and light systems, and is in a position to make the most suitable choice of equipment for each indication.
Age spots on the back of the hand are perceived by a number of people as cosmetically unattractive. Removal with laser therapy is now the most elegant and widespread method. Special lasers are therefore used for removing pigments.
The benefit of this is equipment is that the epidermis remains fully intact, and only minimal sloughing occurs. Slight sloughing usually falls off after one week, whereas the age spot has already disappeared after treatment in the majority of cases. Treatment should be provided during the months where there is less sunlight.