Skin rejuvenation: Methods

Skin rejuvenation – but how?

Modern aesthetic dermatology involves numerous non-surgical methods, which help give a youthful appearance both carefully and without any risks. Whichever of these methods is the most suitable depends essentially on the patient’s type of skin and on the skin condition.

“Have you been on holiday?”

This is exactly what you should be asked following treatment. We will keep our applications as minimally invasive and as maximally effective as possible so that we can ensure a natural appearance.

You are our focus.

As part of an extensive consultation held in a relaxed and trusting atmosphere, we will support you in deciding an appropriate course of treatment which is tailored to your individual needs.

Methods for skin rejuvenation at mySkin

Botox® – Relaxation of muscles
• Fillers – Fill in wrinkles
Profhilo® – 5 minute lift for neck & cleavage
Plasma Pen – Eyelid lift without surgery
• Fractional Lasers – Skin lift
• Mesotherapy – Skin booster
PRP Vampire Lifting – Inspiring results with platelet-rich plasma injections
CellularMatrix® – Combination of PRP (Vampire lifting) and mesotherapy
• Thermal Lifting – Renewal of skin collagen
• Chemical Peelings – Fast improvement of skin radiance
• Micro-Needling – Dermaroller to stimulate collagen production