Fractionated lasers

Fractional Lasers

mySkin uses various lasers depending on the application.

  • a Fractional ablative Laser (Deep Fx/Active Fx): relatively invasive, clears layers of skin, downtime of 1-2 weeks
  • a Fractional non-ablative Laser (Emerge): virtually free from any pain, used to stimulate collagen, prevent pigmentation from melasma, and for rejuvenation, requires 3-5 sessions without any downtime

The latest generation ultramodern fractionated CO2 laser offers high-tech features for a youthfully fresh and wrinkle free skin without surgery.

Individual laser treatment is already producing astonishing results:

  • immediate skin tightening
  • wrinkles and tiny creases are reduced
  • pigment spots disappear
  • the surface and tension of the skin are visibly improved
  • the formation of new collagen is stimulated and the skin has greater volume
  • this skin once again looks healthy and young

The most successful treatment is visible immediately, whereas others such as those involved in the formation of collagen, which tightens the skin from the side, only become apparent over a period of time.

Any downtime is dependent on the energy which has been selected and on the penetration depth of the laser. This equates to between four and ten days.