Mesotherapy is a gentle process, which nevertheless achieves visible and highly natural results. For many females, this treatment forms an integral component of the beauty program, just like it would visiting the hairdresser. It is often carried out prior to a special event.

A particularly flowable hyaluronic acid combined with an individual formula made from vitamins, minerals and amino acids is applied over the top layer of the skin across a large area by using a special injection gun.

The skin is therefore properly infused and vitalised. The complexion radiates and receives a new glow. It is a must for female smokers and sun lovers, and is also ideal for dry skin. Mesotherapy represents an alternative to a scalpel in a number of cases, it is clearly better value for money, has few side effects and is virtually free from pain. It is ideally suitable for the face, neck and neckline, even when combined with peelings or laser treatments.

Meso Botox®

Mesobotox® is becoming increasingly popular. It represents an innovative, special type of genuinely proven mesotherapy. Micro injections of small Botox® doses can result in an equally relaxed and more harmoniously appearing surface relief of the skin. In one sense, it is an ideal “fine tuning” for relaxing expressive wrinkles and signs of stress in the face with entirely natural results. Even stubborn radiating small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can be overcome by using this combination of treatment.