Thread lift

Thread lift

The new thread lift with self-dissolving sutures gives you a more juvenile, fresh appearance owing to extensive skin tightening of sagging contours with a simultaneous volume build-up – without any surgery at all.

The utilized PDO threads have been successfully used for many years as absorbable sutures in plastic surgery and are characterized by special tissue compatibility. In recent years, however, methods and materials have been significantly improved and refined.
Under local anesthesia, the absorbable sutures are inserted into the skin and stretched along the desired direction of movement, which leads to immediately visible skin tightening. Owing to small barbs (cones), the sutures are “hooked” to the skin. As the thread begins to absorb, the fibroblasts are stimulated to produce collagen fibers. The firmness of the skin increases in the long-run and volume deficits are compensated in a natural way.

The procedure is almost painless and takes 20-60 minutes depending on the amount of sutures to be inserted. The effect is immediately visible and the threads remain in the tissue for approx. 180-210 days, where they stimulate collagen formation. The lifting effect lasts for up to 24 months.
Swelling, slight hematomas and dog ears may occur for a few days. Please sleep on your back for one week, we will provide you with a special pillow. We recommend taking a one-week break from exercising, sauna and sunbathing.


Advantages at a glance

  • very good tolerance
  • 100 % degradable
  • visible rejuvenation effect without scarring
  • stimulation of own collagen production
  • long-lasting effect
  • natural raising/lifting effect with preservation of own facial expressions
  • recovery phase: a few days
  • scars: none
  • exercising, sauna, swimming pool, sun exposure: after one week
  • application of cosmetic products: the following day

Which areas can be treated with threads

  • Face (cheek- and chin lift)
  • Fine lines on the cheeks
  • Lips (Contour, corner of mouth lift)
  • Neck (Tightening and Lifting)
  • Cleavage Lifting and tightening
  • Arms (Tightening and Lifting)
  • Elbow Tightening
  • Thighs tightening
  • Knee Tightening
  • Buttock Tightening

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