Vampire Lift

Vampire Lift with autologous blood

The “Vampire Lift” refers to injection based skin treatment with autologous blood plasma, enriched with highly concentrated growth factors for restoring and refreshing the skin’s collagen structure.

Immediately radiantly fresh skin

The Vampire lift achieves rapid, inspiring results and is suitable for a combination with microneedling, IPL or fractionated laser.

Further fields of application

Dr. Cordula Ahnhudt recommends the self-blood therapy also for wound healing disturbances (leg ulcer) and against hair loss.


The processing of the blood directly and immediately takes place in the mySkin clinic, the injection can, therewith, directly be made in one session.

The smallest deposits of precious plasma are applied underneath the skin using the finest needles, similar to those used in mesotherapy. The cell and tissue of the skin is fully activated by spraying flatly over the face, on the neck, the neckline, and on the hands. It is also highly effective on periorbital dark circles.

The skin quality already shows signs of visible improvement after one course of treatment. The collagen production kicks in over the next two to three weeks. The treatment program includes four sessions, each held at intervals of between two and eight weeks, which are individually adapted to your personal schedule.