Comparison before and after eyelid surgery

Fresh Looks with Eyelid Surgery at mySkin Mallorca

An open eye area not only imparts a youthful, fresh appearance but also exudes an inviting gaze. However, over the years or due to genetic predisposition, sagging eyelids, commonly known as hooded or droopy lids, can develop. These can make the eyes appear tired and contribute to an aged look. Eyelid surgery, or lid lifting, is the minor procedure with major impact.

In an outpatient eyelid surgery, excess skin above the lid is removed, creating a more open eye and reducing fine lines. This procedure is performed by the plastic surgeons and operative dermatologists at mySkin Mallorca, adhering to the highest quality standards. If desired, sedation is available to ensure you feel nothing during the procedure.

Typically, stitches are removed after 7 days, and you can resume applying makeup shortly thereafter. At mySkin Clinic, we specialize in scar treatment, ensuring optimal wound healing and inconspicuous scars following your eyelid surgery.

Common Symptoms:

Drooping Eyelids / Asymmetric Eyelids

As the skin ages, especially in areas with thin tissue like around the eyes, it tends to sag. Hooded lids can limit the field of vision and make us appear older and fatigued. The aging effect becomes more pronounced when it occurs asymmetrically, causing an uneven eye appearance.

Eyelid Surgery is perfect for:

Open Gaze

Through a minor procedure like eyelid surgery, we can remove excess skin above the eye, making your gaze more open. This procedure is easily performed even in cases of genetic predisposition, making eyelid surgery a sensible option not only for age-related concerns but also in younger years.

Youthful Appearance

The open gaze and tightened eye area automatically contribute to a more youthful appearance. Initial swelling subsides within the first 1-2 weeks after the procedure, and the skin tightens. The procedure is relatively low in discomfort, gentle, and leaves no visible scars. Schedule a consultation at our mySkin Mallorca practice to explore your individual options and learn more about the procedure.

FAQs on Eyelid Surgery at mySkin Mallorca

What is eyelid surgery, and how does the procedure work?
Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure where excess skin above the lid is removed to achieve a more open look and reduce fine lines. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and follows the highest quality standards by our plastic surgeons and operative dermatologists. Sedation can be offered if needed for increased comfort during the procedure.
The recovery time after eyelid surgery is typically 7-10 days. After the stitches are removed, you can already apply makeup. At our mySkin Clinic, we specialize in scar treatment to ensure optimal wound healing and inconspicuous scars.
Eyelid surgery is suitable for individuals suffering from hooded lids who wish to achieve a more open look. It can be considered due to aging or genetic predisposition. A personalized consultation at our practice can provide more specific information on whether the procedure is suitable for you.
The procedure is generally low in discomfort, and thanks to the precise techniques of our surgeons, it leaves no visible scars. Stitches are removed after 7 days, and the skin tightens in the following weeks.
Yes, in our practice, we also offer non-surgical methods such as laser treatments and skin tightening. However, in advanced cases of hooded lids, these methods may not achieve the desired results. A personal consultation can provide insight into which option is best suited for your specific needs.

Note: The answers serve general information and do not replace individual consultation with our professionals. For specific questions about your case, we recommend a personal consultation at our mySkin Mallorca practice.