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Skin Renewal with FRAX1550 Pro

Welcome to mySkin Mallorca, where we  utilize the FRAX1550 Pro Laser for remarkable skin renewal. With a wavelength of 1550 nm, this laser is perfect for addressing various skin concerns:

Why FRAX1550 Pro?

Deep Skin Renewal

Operating at a wavelength of 1550 nm, the FRAX1550 Pro Laser provides deep treatment of the dermis (up to 800 µm). This allows for effective non-ablative skin resurfacing, reducing wrinkles and treating scars, stretch marks, and acne scars.

Precise and Gentle Treatment

The fractional diode laser technology of the FRAX1550 Pro enables precise and gentle treatment, leading to skin renewal.

The FRAX1550 Pro is perfect for:

In one or more sessions, we can profoundly treat your skin. The fractional laser energy delivery leaves untreated skin bridges in the treated area, promoting better tissue regeneration. The FRAX1550 Pro Laser, with its fractional irradiation, does not result in scarring. After treatment, the treated skin regenerates, tightens, and radiates with youthful glow.

Treatment of symptoms:


Whether hypertrophic, hypotrophic, from chickenpox, or surgical scars, the FRAX1550 Pro Laser smoothes and visibly minimizes, improving your skin texture.

Acne Scars:

Effective treatment for reducing acne scars and enhancing overall skin texture.

Stretch Marks:

Targeted application to minimize stretch marks and improve skin texture. The laser promotes collagen production, contributes to skin tightening, and aids natural regeneration to minimize stretch marks.

Wrinkles/Skin Renewal:

The FRAX1550 Laser reduces wrinkles, boosts collagen production, and revitalizes the skin for a fresh and youthful appearance.

Benefits of the FRAX1550 Pro

Our FRAX1550 Pro Laser not only delivers impressive results but also ensures short downtime, painless application, and personalized treatments. Experience the transformative effects of this laser for tighter, more youthful skin. Schedule your consultation now to explore a new dimension in skin treatment.

FAQ regarding the FRAX1550 Pro:

How long does the result of skin renewal with the FRAX1550 Pro Laser last?

The durability of the result depends on your individual skin structure and lifestyle. The treatment can be easily repeated as needed. For maintaining a beautiful skin appearance, we recommend regular refreshments every 6 months.

The treatment duration varies depending on your skin’s initial condition but is approximately 45 minutes per session.

Many patients are satisfied after one treatment, while others book a second session after a few months to perfect the results. The number of sessions for your desired outcome can be discussed during the consultation.
We invite you to get in touch and schedule a non-binding consultation. Together, we can discuss the best steps for your individual skin renewal.