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Welcome to Gentle Pro Laser at mySkin Mallorca!

Discover the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

Unwanted hair growth can be both aesthetically undesirable and burdensome. Smooth, hair-free skin is widely preferred, especially among women of diverse cultures. Traditional methods like shaving or waxing involve constant repetition, potential skin irritations, and discomfort. Laser hair removal emerges as a healthier, aesthetic, and cost-effective alternative. With the Gentle Pro Laser, mySkin Mallorca can permanently remove unwanted hair through a few sessions.

he Gentle Pro Laser - Effective Laser Hair Removal for Smooth Skin:

The Gentle Pro is an Alexandrite laser that operates with heat. Energy pulses are directed onto the skin through the handpiece and absorbed by the hair, reaching and thermally destroying the hair follicle roots.

Perfect for Smooth Skin:

Smooth, hair-free skin is not only a beauty ideal but also minimizes odors and prevents issues like ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal with Gentle Pro offers a painless, long-term solution, and we provide consultation and trial sessions.

Common Symptoms:

Unwanted Hair Growth

Gentle Pro Laser eliminates unwanted hair growth painlessly and permanently. Contact us to learn more about applications and positive side effects for your skin.

Key Advantages:

  • Highest Temperature for Permanent Results: Gentle Pro Laser reaches a temperature crucial for permanently destroying the hair follicle.
  • Intact Skin: Advanced cooling systems preserve your skin during treatment.
  • Maximum Comfort: Our laser ensures not only effectiveness but also pain-free sessions and minimal downtime.

Trust in the Proven Effectiveness of Gentle Pro Laser

Experience permanent hair removal at the highest level with the proven efficacy of Gentle Pro Laser. Consult with our experienced team at mySkin Mallorca to learn more about this innovative technology and start your journey towards a hair-free future.

Gentle Pro Laser Compared to Diode Lasers:

Gentle Pro Laser surpasses conventional diode lasers in effectiveness and long-term impact. The crucial difference lies in the energy delivered to the hair follicle, often insufficient with diode lasers, leading to temporary hair removal and quick regrowth.

Why Gentle Pro is Superior:

1. High Energy for Permanent Results:

Gentle Pro achieves remarkably high energy at the hair follicle, essential for permanent results, unlike diode lasers that often provide only temporary hair removal.

2. Effective Destruction of Hair Roots:

The precise energy of Gentle Pro Laser effectively and permanently destroys hair roots, not just temporarily.

3. Long-Term Solution, Not Just Temporary:

Unlike diode lasers, Gentle Pro offers a long-term solution for unwanted hair growth, eliminating the need for regular shaving or waxing rituals.

Gentle Pro Laser - Effective Hair Removal in Harmony with the Hair Cycle:

At Gentle Pro, we understand that effectiveness depends not only on technology but also on the right timing strategy. Our regular treatments are precisely tailored to the natural hair cycle for optimal and lasting results.

Why the Hair Cycle is Crucial:

1. Effective destruction of hair roots:

Laser treatments are strategically scheduled during the active growth phase of hair to ensure maximum energy absorption and effective destruction of hair roots.

2. Optimal results with repeated sessions:

Regular treatments target all hairs in the active growth cycle for long-lasting results.

3. Individual adjustment:

Our team customizes treatment plans to your needs for the best possible results.

Your Benefits with Regular Gentle Pro Treatments:

1. High energy for permanent results:

Gentle Pro Laser achieves remarkably high energy at the hair follicle, crucial for permanent destruction.

2. Effective destruction of hair roots:

The precise energy of Gentle Pro Laser effectively and permanently destroys hair roots, not just temporarily.

3. Long-term solution, not just temporary:

Unlike some other lasers, Gentle Pro offers a long-term solution for unwanted hair growth, rendering regular shaving or waxing rituals unnecessary.

Your Benefits with Our Individual Treatment Plans:

  • Effective Hair Removal: Optimal efficacy through precise customization for different body areas.
  • Skin-Friendly Adaptation: Consideration of varying skin sensitivities with adjusted intervals
  • Lasting results: Prolonged hairlessness and minimized risk of regrowth.

Gentle Pro Laser offers top-notch technology and tailored treatment plans for effective and comfortable hair removal. Contact us at mySkin Mallorca for more information.

FAQs on Gentle Pro Laser Treatment

How many treatments are required with Gentle Pro Laser?
Typically, 4-8 sessions are needed, but the number may vary based on skin and hair types. During an initial consultation, we can estimate the expected number of treatments.
The first results are usually visible after the initial session. Hairs fall out within a few days, and a noticeable reduction occurs.

Gentle Pro Laser is particularly suitable for light skin types. For darker skin types, individual consultation is recommended, as the Alexandrite laser is most effective for light skin. If you have any medical conditions or take regular medications, please discuss this during the consultation so we can adjust your treatment accordingly.