Laser at mySkin

Laser at mySkin

At mySkin we specialise in combination treatments to naturally improve and rejuvenate your skin. The targeted use of the latest generation of lasers in combination with dermal fillers, skin boosters, collagen inducers and lifting threads is our passion. We guarantee natural, attractive results at any age – for men and women.

As laser specialists, we have a wide variety of different lasers at mySkin. Depending on their wavelength, we treat different skin types and skin conditions.

mySkin is one of the most innovative laser clinics in the world and practices Hybrid Laser Resurfacing – i.e. we combine different lasers in one treatment. As an international key opinion leader, Dr. Cordula Ahnhudt-Franke is a pioneer in the further development of new treatment protocols. She presents these at international congresses and trains international doctors.

Read more about our lasers:

Picoway Zoom 532 and 1064, 730/ XmyInk

Picoway Resolve 1064

Nordlys SWT PR/ VL

FRAX 1940 & FRAX1550

Nd:YAG Laser

Sculpsure Laser

Dermablate Laser

CO2 Ultrapulse

Active Fx/ DeepFx

Gentle Pro Laser XmyHair

The Vbeam Laser