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Lip Aesthetics at mySkin Mallorca: Radiate with Naturally Beautiful Lips!

Full and sensual lips have always been timeless symbols of youth and beauty. Sometimes, lips tend to be asymmetrical or thin, and even once-voluminous lips lose their fullness with age.

mySkin Mallorca specializes in aesthetic dermatology and has successfully treated patients for many years. Our goal is to achieve a natural result where no one will recognize that you’ve had an aesthetic treatment. Depending on your lip shape and desires, we focus on volume enhancement, moisture replenishment, or muscle relaxation.

We aim to preserve or enhance the natural beauty of your lips, boosting your confidence and promoting a radiant smile. Trust our expertise to give your lips a perfect form and radiance.

Our Lip Filler Treatment is perfect for:

Volume Enhancement with Hyaluron

For asymmetrical or thin lips, volume enhancement with Hyaluron can achieve reshaping and balancing.

Moisture-Replenishing Treatment

If you naturally have full, well-shaped lips but suffer from dryness, a superficial treatment with Hyaluron is beneficial. This involves the use of fine needles to incorporate Hyaluron externally into the lips, providing minimal volume and hydrating the lips.

Lip Flip

A newer method in lip aesthetics is the Lip Flip. Botox is injected into the upper lip area, relaxing the muscles around the mouth and giving the lips a naturally fuller appearance.

Russian Lips

The Russian Lips method involves enhanced injection of Hyaluron into the outer area of the lips to shape the contours optimally. This special injection technique makes the lips appear flatter and more natural.

Most Common Symptoms:

Thin Lips

Hyaluron injection can help with thin lips. For naturally voluminous lips, the Lip Flip technique can be used for a fantastic result.

Dry Lips

Full but dry lips require special care. We offer a specific moisture treatment with Hyaluron, working the substance externally and providing lasting hydration.

Asymmetrical Lips

Asymmetrical lips can occur naturally or be the result of accidents or illnesses. Regardless of the cause, we can balance asymmetries with an injection treatment, so you can share the most beautiful smile with your surroundings.

Benefits of the Lip Filler Treatment:

Painless Treatment

We prioritize a painless and pleasant experience. If necessary, we use special numbing creams to temporarily desensitize your lips.

Long-Lasting Results

The results of lip enhancement last up to a year. As Hyaluron is a natural, body-owned substance, it gradually breaks down over time. Of course, the treatment can be repeated whenever necessary.

Immediately Socially Presentable

Lip treatments are done on an outpatient basis, and you can immediately return to your social life after the procedure. Initially, mild swelling may occur but will subside within the first week.

Do's and Don'ts After Lip Filler Treatment:


  1. Use Ice Packs: Apply ice packs gently to reduce swelling.
  2. Stay Clean: Keep your hands and the treated area clean to avoid infections.
  3. Drink Plenty of Water: Hydration promotes healing and filler breakdown.
  4. Gentle Makeup Application: If using makeup, apply it gently to avoid irritating the treated region.
  5. Attend Follow-up Appointments: Attend the agreed-upon follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process.


  1. Avoid Strong Sun Exposure: Steer clear of excessive sun exposure to ensure protection and an optimal healing environment.
  2. No Massages: Refrain from massaging the treated lips to prevent uneven filler distribution.
  3. Avoid Blood-Thinning Substances: Abstain from blood-thinning medications or supplements to minimize bruising.
  4. No Heat Sources: Avoid sauna visits, hot baths, or other heat sources to reduce swelling.
  5. Do Not Overstretch: Avoid excessive facial expressions and stretching of the lips to avoid impacting the filler.

Follow these recommendations for optimal results and a smooth recovery after your lip filler treatment.

FAQs on Lip Filler Treatment:

Duration of Lip Enhancement Treatment:

Plan for about 1 hour, including anesthesia and the actual treatment.

Typically, only one treatment is necessary for lip enhancement. After several months, part of the Hyaluron naturally breaks down. Subsequently, a repeat lip treatment is possible.

The costs depend on the type of treatment and the required filler amount, starting at 250 Euros.