Microblading and permanent make-up

Pico Laser: Gentle treatment for removing microblading and permanent make-up

Both permanent make-up and microblading removal belong exclusively in the hands of professionals. This is because the removal of pigments from the face in particular is associated with a number of challenges. No matter whether you no longer like the cosmetic tattoos or the style – the colour pigments can be removed quickly and painlessly with the Pico laser.

Provided you want to rid yourself of permanent make-up and have microblading or permanent make-up removed, contact our laser experts today to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

FAQs about microblading and permanent make-up removal at mySkin with the Pico Laser

The costs for a successful treatment can always vary. This is because the number of sessions required depends on various factors. For example, it is not only decisive which colour was used for the cosmetic tattoo, but also the amount and stitch depth must be taken into account. If only a small amount of colour has been used and the stitch depth is also shallow, satisfactory results can be achieved quickly with the Pico laser.

At mySkin we use a laser of the latest generation: the Picoway® Laser. This has a unique technology so that cosmetic tattoos such as permanent make-up or microblading can be removed relatively painlessly. In addition, we offer you the option of a local anaesthetic cream so that the laser treatment is even more pleasant for you. The same applies to the special cooling system that is used during the treatments.

As already mentioned, various factors have to be taken into account for visible success. However, experience has shown that very good results can be achieved with the Pico Laser after only 4 to 6 treatments.

Due to the latest technology with which our Picoway® Laser is equipped, all colours can be treated. Accordingly, cosmetic tattoos that have previously been treated unsuccessfully with conventional lasers can also be successfully removed in our laser clinic.

However, darkening or even colour changes can occur if the previously used tattoo colour contains too much iron. The treatment with the Picoway laser can darken the treated areas accordingly.

Our laser experts will be available to answer all your questions during the first free consultation appointment. Your personal and individual treatment plan will then be drawn up. After that, you can start directly with the first Pico laser session. The sessions will then take place at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. In this way, your body is also given enough time to remove any colour particles.

To promote the health of your skin, you should protect the treated areas from the sun and always apply a sunscreen (SPF 50). If the areas are exposed to strong UV rays, they should be covered. It is also advisable to cool the areas after treatment and apply a spray containing panthenol for the first 7 to 10 days. You can shower as usual after the laser treatment. We also recommend that you drink enough every day to support the removal of the colour pigments.

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