Nahaufnahme von Füßen mit Nagelpilz

Nail Fungus: A Treatable Infection Commonly Affecting Toes

Nail fungus is a treatable infection that many individuals face, particularly on the toes. While it might be an uncomfortable topic, studies show that one in three adults has encountered this issue. Especially, athletes are prone to developing nail fungus due to the constant pressure in shoes and increased sweating, creating ideal conditions for infection.

This infection demands prompt treatment to prevent its spread. The standard approach involves a combination of topical antifungal therapy and laser treatment every four weeks. This proven method at mySkin ensures effective results.

Laser Treatment: A Powerful Solution Against Nail Fungus

mySkin utilizes the latest laser technology, a cornerstone in the treatment of nail fungus. The procedure involves applying laser heat to the affected area, destroying the spores while preserving the integrity of the nail. This process is repeated every four weeks, and with each session, the fungal growth is efficiently halted.

The result is not only the elimination of the infection but also the gradual, healthy regrowth of the affected nails. This non-invasive and gentle approach allows individuals to resume their regular activities immediately, including the application of nail polish post-treatment.

FAQs about the treatmen of nail fungus at myskin mallorca

How long does the laser treatment take?
The laser treatment occurs every four weeks, and the total number of sessions depends on the individual case.
Yes, nails can be polished immediately after the treatment.
Generally, individuals can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment.

The combination of these two therapies has proven to be extremely effective in successfully treating nail fungus.