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Nd:YAG Nordlys – Advanced Skin Treatments at mySkin Mallorca

Sun damage, medical conditions, aging, or our genetics can cause a variety of changes to the skin. At mySkin Mallorca, we rely on cutting-edge technology to address these challenges. Our specialized Nd:YAG laser has been developed to permanently eliminate benign skin changes while minimizing aesthetic flaws.

mySkin Mallorca Nd:YAG Technology: Precise and Versatile

Our Nd:YAG laser specializes in treating vascular changes and offers a wide range of applications – from spider veins to vascular lesions to the treatment of toenail fungus. The laser applicator precisely targets oxyhemoglobin, creating a thermal effect that reduces blood supply in the treated area, minimizing redness and visible vascular and capillary formations.

Versatile Applications for Your Skin Needs

Our Nd:YAG technology is perfect for:

Rejuvenated Skin:

The deep reach of the Nd:YAG laser allows for the treatment of even deep-seated areas, effectively addressing diffuse capillaries, redness, and other skin changes.

Spider Veins on Legs:

Targeted treatment with our laser can restore your zest for life, allowing you to feel comfortable in a beach dress again.

Vascular Lesions:

Spider veins, cherry angiomas, dilated capillaries, and other vascular lesions can be effectively treated, leading to improved skin appearance.

Plantar Warts:

Warts on the soles of the feet can be quickly and effectively removed using laser therapy.

Toenail Fungus (Onychomykosis):

The Nd:YAG laser offers targeted, safe, and effective treatment for toenail fungus – a common and unpleasant condition that can be swiftly and precisely addressed with the laser.

The mySkin Mallorca Experience: Safe, Effective, Comfortable

Immediate Results

Improvements are often visible shortly after the first treatment.

Comfortable Application:

Despite the possibility of brief discomfort, the short pulse duration and integrated Soft-Cool technology make the treatment overall comfortable.

Immediately Socially Presentable:

After laser treatment, you are typically immediately socially presentable.

FAQS on the Nd:YAG Nordlys

How many treatments are necessary?
Unsightly leg veins and capillaries often disappear after the first treatment.
The treated vessels typically remain in their improved state, but new veins may emerge, which can be treated again.
Brief sensations of discomfort are possible, but thanks to the short pulse duration and integrated Soft-Cool technology, the treatment is generally perceived as comfortable.
Typically, you can return to your daily activities immediately after laser treatment. Side effects are minimal and may include temporary redness or slight swelling, which quickly resolves.

Discover how the advanced Nd:YAG technology at mySkin Mallorca can support your aesthetic goals. Schedule an individual consultation to experience the transformative power of our modern skin treatments.