Frau bekommt eine Rhinomodulation

Rhinomodulation at mySkin Mallorca: Your Custom Nasal Harmony Without the Scalpel!

The nose, a central facial feature, significantly influences your aesthetic appearance. At mySkin, we specialize in innovative rhinomodulation using hyaluronic acid—a gentle method for nasal correction without any surgery. Precise injections of hyaluronic acid are used to achieve a tailored contour in the nasal bridge—no scalpel, no downtime.

Rhinomodulation for Perfect Nasal Aesthetics:

Nasal Slimming

Optical refinement of the nasal bridge through targeted hyaluronic injections.

Nose Lift

Aesthetic reduction with an additional benefit: lifting the nasal tip creates an optically daintier nose.

Concealing Irregularities

Dimples, bumps, or asymmetries are addressed with minimally invasive and often successful corrections.

Common Symptoms - We Have the Solution:

Nasal Hump

Quick and efficient correction for a harmonious facial profile.

Saddle Nose

Filling depressions in the nasal bridge for a uniform shape.

Nasal Asymmetry

Gentle correction of accident-related issues and asymmetries.

Drooped Nasal Tip

Elimination of visual imperfections and elevation of the nasal tip.

Your Advantages in Focus:

Immediate Results

The desired outcome is visible right after the treatment, accompanied by minimal swelling or bruising that can be easily concealed.

No Downtime

The outpatient procedure takes less than an hour, allowing you to return to your routine without delay.

Non-surgical Nasal Correction

Minimally invasive, without anesthesia or a scalpel—ensuring more safety and gentleness.

FAQs on Rhinomodulation:

Duration of Rhinomodulation:

The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, with preparations taking about 1 hour.

Prices start at 600 Euros, depending on your individual nasal shape.

The outcome lasts approximately 6-12 months; afterward, hyaluronic acid naturally breaks down, with the option for a repeat treatment at any time.