Skin Surgery at mySkin Clinic: Precision Meets Aesthetics for Your Skin Health

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Skin Surgery at mySkin Clinic: Precision Meets Aesthetics for Your Skin Health

At mySkin Clinic, we prioritize your skin health. Our focus is on advanced treatments for skin cancer, where precision and aesthetics take center stage. Our experienced dermatologic surgeons employ cutting-edge techniques, including histologically margin-controlled skin surgery, to treat skin cancer safely and aesthetically.

Additionally, we remove benign skin growths such as moles and freckles with a tendency for degeneration, cysts, lipomas, and abscesses under local anesthesia. Thanks to our meticulous suturing techniques, we are also the right choice for treating lacerations.

Histologically Margin-Controlled Skin Surgery: Precise and Safe

Our dermatologic surgeons perform procedures with the utmost precision. Histologically margin-controlled skin surgery allows the safe removal of skin cancer tissue. The excised area is microscopically examined by specialized dermatopathologists for tumor-free status, minimizing the risk of recurrence and ensuring a successful treatment.

Aesthetic Focus: Minimal Scars in Natural Lines

We understand the importance of aesthetic results to you. Our experts strive to leave minimal visible scars that seamlessly blend into the natural lines of your body. We select the best techniques and positions to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Laser Scar Treatment: Early Measures for Optimal Results

In addition to specialized surgical techniques, mySkin Clinic places emphasis on postoperative scar treatment with lasers. Scar treatment yields excellent results and is tailored to the type of scar. Studies show that the laser process is most effective when performed as early as possible after suture removal. At mySkin Clinic, we utilize state-of-the-art laser technologies (including PicoWay® Resolve 1064nm, Frax Pro® 1550, and Vbeam Perfecta®) to minimize scars and aesthetically enhance your skin.

FAQs on Skin Surgery at mySkin Mallorca

How does the skin cancer operation proceed?
The suspicious skin lesion is locally anesthetized to avoid pain. During the procedure, our dermatologist removes the affected tissue with a safety margin to ensure the removal of all cancer cells. This is sent for examination by dermatohistopathologists to establish the definitive diagnosis.
Yes, a skin cancer operation can leave scars, but our goal is to make them as discreet as possible. Additionally, we work immediately after the procedure with specialized lasers to not only improve the scar but also optimize its aesthetic appearance.
You should begin scar treatment with special scar gels as soon as possible following the recommendations of our dermatologists. Additionally, you can start laser treatment to enhance scar tissue directly after suture removal.

UltraCol® – Natürliche Hautstraffung mit dem innovativen Kollageninduktor

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UltraCol® – Natural Skin Tightening with Innovative Collagen Inductor

For over 30 years, Polydioxanone (PDO) has played a crucial role in surgery. Now, this biodegradable material steps into the realm of Aesthetic Medicine. As the world’s first collagen inductor based on PDO, UltraCol® is specifically designed for treating sensitive areas. Unlike many conventional methods, an UltraCol® treatment doesn’t skip the delicate areas around the eyes and mouth; instead, it focuses on enhancing these regions.

The collagen inductor is composed of over 1,400 monofilaments supplemented with carboxymethylcellulose. This unique blend ensures excellent tolerance. The purpose of UltraCol® treatment is to effectively and low-risk address initial wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes. At mySkin Mallorca, we provide comprehensive consultations. Simply give us a call and benefit from our specialized expertise.

UltraCol® is perfect for:

Firm & Regenerated Skin

UltraCol®, as a collagen inductor, stimulates the body’s natural collagen production in fibroblasts. This enables gentle and natural results. After the treatment, the skin gradually tightens and rejuvenates. Signs of fatigue and aging vanish, providing you with skin tightening without the need for a scalpel.

Most Common Symptoms:

Dark Circles

The causes of dark circles are diverse – lack of sleep, nicotine, genetic predisposition, stress, aging. We offer a solution: UltraCol®. The collagen inductor works gently, making it suitable for treating sensitive areas such as the eye region. Benefit from our expertise to restore radiance to your eyes.

Mouth Wrinkles

The mouth area is often neglected, despite frequent movement. Smokers, in particular, develop early fine lines around the lips, making them appear older. UltraCol® allows for the treatment of the delicate mouth area, promoting natural skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen production.

Facial and Neck Area Injections

While UltraCol® is primarily applied to sensitive mouth and eye regions, it can also be used for facial injections in cheeks or forehead and neck areas. The remarkably gentle effect ensures natural results.

Treatment Advantages:

Good Tolerance

UltraCol® stands out for its excellent tolerance due to the biocompatibility of the preparation. The UltraCol® based on PDO is exceptionally well-tolerated, minimizing the risk of undesirable side effects.

Natural Anti-Aging

Emphasizing natural results, UltraCol® facilitates non-invasive methods without scarring. The collagen stimulation leads to particularly natural outcomes, rejuvenating your individual features without modeling. Additional collagen release improves skin structure.

Long-lasting Results

Results from UltraCol® treatments endure thanks to the body’s inherent collagen production. Refreshing may only be necessary after months or even years.

Sustainable Skin Improvement

UltraCol® not only addresses wrinkles but also significantly improves overall skin condition in the entire facial and neck region, ensuring remarkably even and natural results.

FAQs on UltraCol®

In which areas can UltraCol® be applied?

UltraCol® is a particularly gentle PDO-based treatment applicable to the entire face, including sensitive areas around the mouth and eyes.

UltraCol® is the world’s first collagen inductor based on PDO, distinguished by its gentle application and high tolerance.
Yes, the application of UltraCol® is safe, relying on the long-standing successful use of PDO in surgery.
After treatment, temporary redness and slight swelling may occur. Downtime varies individually but is typically minimized through swift healing.
Results last up to 12 months; afterward, a follow-up treatment may be considered.

Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca: The Art of Enhancing Beauty

Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca: The Art of Enhancing Beauty

The face is the canvas where time leaves its traces. Coco Chanel eloquently expressed it: “Nature gives us the face we have at 20, life shapes the face we have at 30, but at 50, it’s up to us to determine the story our face tells.”

At mySkin Mallorca, we perceive aesthetics as the art of shaping the face and emphasizing its natural beauty. For over two decades, Dr. Ahnhudt-Franke and her highly skilled team have dedicated themselves to aesthetic facial rejuvenation.

We take pride in establishing ourselves as a notable entity in the field of individually tailored procedures.

Our Philosophy: Safety and Natural Results

Our foremost goal is your safety and achieving results that enhance natural beauty. We believe that true beauty comes from within, and aesthetic interventions should underscore individual beauty, not alter it.

Diverse Treatment Portfolio: The Art of Individuality

Over the years, we’ve developed a broad portfolio of innovative treatments addressing the individual needs of our patients. Our range includes:

  • Facial Injections: Using neuromodulators to smooth wrinkles across the entire face.
  • Dermal Fillers: Building volume with hyaluronic acid for a youthful radiance.
  • Skin Boosters: Special injections revitalizing dry and tired skin, countering the aging process.
  • Biostimulators: Stimulating natural processes for skin and tissue regeneration.
  • Collagen Inductors: Promoting the body’s own collagen production for enduring results.
  • Profhilo: Intensive hydration for radiant skin and combating dryness-induced wrinkles.
  • Thread Lifting: Sustainable skin tightening through specialized threads that simultaneously stimulate collagen production.
  • Laser Treatments: Innovative use of laser technologies for skin renewal, pigment correction, and wrinkle reduction, promoting a fresh and youthful complexion.

Why mySkin Mallorca?

International Recognition

Our esteemed reputation has attracted patients from around the world, with individuals from diverse regions trusting us to experience the art of aesthetic facial rejuvenation.

Decades of Expertise

For over 20 years, we have set standards in aesthetic facial rejuvenation. The loyalty of our patients is evidence of our expertise and their trust in our team.

Rediscover comfort in your skin and explore the art of aesthetic facial rejuvenation at mySkin Mallorca – where beauty becomes an art form. We warmly welcome new patients!

Rhinomodulation at mySkin Mallorca: Your Custom Nasal Harmony Without the Scalpel!

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Rhinomodulation at mySkin Mallorca: Your Custom Nasal Harmony Without the Scalpel!

The nose, a central facial feature, significantly influences your aesthetic appearance. At mySkin, we specialize in innovative rhinomodulation using hyaluronic acid—a gentle method for nasal correction without any surgery. Precise injections of hyaluronic acid are used to achieve a tailored contour in the nasal bridge—no scalpel, no downtime.

Rhinomodulation for Perfect Nasal Aesthetics:

Nasal Slimming

Optical refinement of the nasal bridge through targeted hyaluronic injections.

Nose Lift

Aesthetic reduction with an additional benefit: lifting the nasal tip creates an optically daintier nose.

Concealing Irregularities

Dimples, bumps, or asymmetries are addressed with minimally invasive and often successful corrections.

Common Symptoms - We Have the Solution:

Nasal Hump

Quick and efficient correction for a harmonious facial profile.

Saddle Nose

Filling depressions in the nasal bridge for a uniform shape.

Nasal Asymmetry

Gentle correction of accident-related issues and asymmetries.

Drooped Nasal Tip

Elimination of visual imperfections and elevation of the nasal tip.

Your Advantages in Focus:

Immediate Results

The desired outcome is visible right after the treatment, accompanied by minimal swelling or bruising that can be easily concealed.

No Downtime

The outpatient procedure takes less than an hour, allowing you to return to your routine without delay.

Non-surgical Nasal Correction

Minimally invasive, without anesthesia or a scalpel—ensuring more safety and gentleness.

FAQs on Rhinomodulation:

Duration of Rhinomodulation:

The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, with preparations taking about 1 hour.

Prices start at 600 Euros, depending on your individual nasal shape.

The outcome lasts approximately 6-12 months; afterward, hyaluronic acid naturally breaks down, with the option for a repeat treatment at any time.

Lip Aesthetics at mySkin Mallorca: Radiate with Naturally Beautiful Lips!

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Lip Aesthetics at mySkin Mallorca: Radiate with Naturally Beautiful Lips!

Full and sensual lips have always been timeless symbols of youth and beauty. Sometimes, lips tend to be asymmetrical or thin, and even once-voluminous lips lose their fullness with age.

mySkin Mallorca specializes in aesthetic dermatology and has successfully treated patients for many years. Our goal is to achieve a natural result where no one will recognize that you’ve had an aesthetic treatment. Depending on your lip shape and desires, we focus on volume enhancement, moisture replenishment, or muscle relaxation.

We aim to preserve or enhance the natural beauty of your lips, boosting your confidence and promoting a radiant smile. Trust our expertise to give your lips a perfect form and radiance.

Our Lip Filler Treatment is perfect for:

Volume Enhancement with Hyaluron

For asymmetrical or thin lips, volume enhancement with Hyaluron can achieve reshaping and balancing.

Moisture-Replenishing Treatment

If you naturally have full, well-shaped lips but suffer from dryness, a superficial treatment with Hyaluron is beneficial. This involves the use of fine needles to incorporate Hyaluron externally into the lips, providing minimal volume and hydrating the lips.

Lip Flip

A newer method in lip aesthetics is the Lip Flip. Botox is injected into the upper lip area, relaxing the muscles around the mouth and giving the lips a naturally fuller appearance.

Russian Lips

The Russian Lips method involves enhanced injection of Hyaluron into the outer area of the lips to shape the contours optimally. This special injection technique makes the lips appear flatter and more natural.

Most Common Symptoms:

Thin Lips

Hyaluron injection can help with thin lips. For naturally voluminous lips, the Lip Flip technique can be used for a fantastic result.

Dry Lips

Full but dry lips require special care. We offer a specific moisture treatment with Hyaluron, working the substance externally and providing lasting hydration.

Asymmetrical Lips

Asymmetrical lips can occur naturally or be the result of accidents or illnesses. Regardless of the cause, we can balance asymmetries with an injection treatment, so you can share the most beautiful smile with your surroundings.

Benefits of the Lip Filler Treatment:

Painless Treatment

We prioritize a painless and pleasant experience. If necessary, we use special numbing creams to temporarily desensitize your lips.

Long-Lasting Results

The results of lip enhancement last up to a year. As Hyaluron is a natural, body-owned substance, it gradually breaks down over time. Of course, the treatment can be repeated whenever necessary.

Immediately Socially Presentable

Lip treatments are done on an outpatient basis, and you can immediately return to your social life after the procedure. Initially, mild swelling may occur but will subside within the first week.

Do's and Don'ts After Lip Filler Treatment:


  1. Use Ice Packs: Apply ice packs gently to reduce swelling.
  2. Stay Clean: Keep your hands and the treated area clean to avoid infections.
  3. Drink Plenty of Water: Hydration promotes healing and filler breakdown.
  4. Gentle Makeup Application: If using makeup, apply it gently to avoid irritating the treated region.
  5. Attend Follow-up Appointments: Attend the agreed-upon follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process.


  1. Avoid Strong Sun Exposure: Steer clear of excessive sun exposure to ensure protection and an optimal healing environment.
  2. No Massages: Refrain from massaging the treated lips to prevent uneven filler distribution.
  3. Avoid Blood-Thinning Substances: Abstain from blood-thinning medications or supplements to minimize bruising.
  4. No Heat Sources: Avoid sauna visits, hot baths, or other heat sources to reduce swelling.
  5. Do Not Overstretch: Avoid excessive facial expressions and stretching of the lips to avoid impacting the filler.

Follow these recommendations for optimal results and a smooth recovery after your lip filler treatment.

FAQs on Lip Filler Treatment:

Duration of Lip Enhancement Treatment:

Plan for about 1 hour, including anesthesia and the actual treatment.

Typically, only one treatment is necessary for lip enhancement. After several months, part of the Hyaluron naturally breaks down. Subsequently, a repeat lip treatment is possible.

The costs depend on the type of treatment and the required filler amount, starting at 250 Euros.

Intimate Bleaching at mySkin Mallorca: Radiance for Your Intimate Area!

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Intimate Bleaching at mySkin Mallorca: Radiance for Your Intimate Area!

Just a few decades ago, body hair was considered a sign of maturity and was left untouched to conceal the shape and color of the genital area. Nowadays, however, well-groomed, hair-free bodies are the prevailing beauty standard. Nevertheless, many people feel a sense of shame regarding their intimate zone, which often exhibits a different pigmentation than the surrounding skin. This is because melanin can also accumulate in hairy areas, and shaving accentuates the pigmentation.

While Intimate Bleaching is a common practice in the United States and South America, it unfortunately remains a taboo subject in Europe. At our mySkin clinic, we specialize in Intimate Bleaching, offering both Vaginal Bleaching and Anal Bleaching.

Intimate Bleaching is perfect for

Vaginal Bleaching:

The pubic mound, outer labia, and the groin area may exhibit increased pigmentation. At mySkin, we use an exceptionally gentle Intimate Bleaching based on Kojic acid, lactic acid, and glycerin. Kojic acid brightens the skin, lactic acid stimulates collagen production, and glycerin nourishes the skin.

Anal Bleaching

Our Intimate Bleaching is suitable for both the sensitive anal and vaginal areas. Accumulation of pigments in these areas can lead to dark discoloration. We at mySkin Mallorca can lighten affected areas quickly and gently.

Most Common Symptoms:

Darker skin tone in the intimate area:

Many individuals naturally have a darker intimate area due to melanin accumulation. While this is neither harmful nor dangerous, those affected often perceive it as an aesthetic concern.

Advantages of Intimate Bleaching

Immediately social-ready

Intimate Bleaching typically takes less than an hour and is performed on an outpatient basis. You can return to your daily life immediately after the treatment. We provide you with a special post-treatment cream to further enhance the results. Simply avoid shaving on the day of the treatment and refrain from sunbathing and using tanning beds 2 weeks before and after the procedure.

Gentle treatment

Intimate Bleaching is an especially gentle form of skin brightening. The treatment is combined with comprehensive aftercare using special creams to ensure the perfect result. The procedure is entirely painless and safe.

FAQs on Intimate bleaching

How long does Intimate Bleaching last?
The duration of the result depends on your body. For some, the results of Intimate Bleaching last forever, while for others, the areas may darken again after some time. The treatment can be repeated if necessary.
The treatment itself lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. You should perform at-home aftercare using a special cream. The frequency depends on your personal situation, and we discuss aftercare as part of the treatment.

Typically, 2-4 treatments are recommended. The number depends on your personal pigmentation and preferences. It’s possible that you may be completely satisfied after the first treatment.

Breast Lift – Redefining Natural Beauty

Breast Lift - Redefining Natural Beauty

In women with ample busts, the aging process often leads to a loosening of breast tissue, resulting in sagging breasts. However, even at a younger age, pregnancies or significant weight fluctuations can unfavorably alter the shape of the breasts. Sagging breasts, inverted nipples, and asymmetries can not only cause physical discomfort such as back pain, posture issues, and interference with sports activities but also affect self-image, libido, and even lead to psychological issues.

As part of a breast lift at mySkin Mallorca, we can restore your breasts to their original form or make desired corrections. The tissue is lifted and tightened, and the nipples can be repositioned or reduced if necessary. The resulting delicate T-shaped scar in the lower breast area leads to a sustainable improvement in your self-image and attractiveness.


Firm Décolleté

The solution for a firm décolleté is provided by the breast lift at mySkin Mallorca. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and requires a brief hospital stay. The recovery period lasts several weeks, but you are socially presentable shortly after discharge. Only sports, sauna, and swimming should be avoided for a few weeks. The ability of the breast for breastfeeding is generally not affected.

Schedule a non-binding consultation at our mySkin practice with our renowned plastic surgeon and embark on a new, confident life.


Common Symptoms:

Sagging Breasts

Oversized breasts can have a negative impact on self-image and psyche, causing back pain, affecting posture, hindering sports activities, and often straining relationships.

Breast lift (Mastopexy) at mySkin Mallorca offers women of all ages the opportunity to correct asymmetries and sagging breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss. Our Plastic Surgeons are available for comprehensive consultations.


FAQs on Breast Lift at mySkin Mallorca

What causes sagging breasts?
Sagging breasts can result from age-related tissue loosening, pregnancies, breastfeeding, or significant weight fluctuations.
The breast lift (Mastopexy) at mySkin Mallorca is performed under general anesthesia and requires a brief hospital stay. The tissue is lifted, tightened, and nipples can be repositioned or reduced if necessary.
The recovery period lasts several weeks, with social presentability shortly after discharge. Sports, sauna, and swimming should be avoided for a few weeks.
Generally, the ability of the breast to breastfeed is not affected by a breast lift.
The resulting scar is delicate and T-shaped in the lower breast area, leading to a sustainable improvement in self-image. mySkin has specialized lasers that we use early in scar treatment.
Breast lift is suitable for women of all ages experiencing sagging breasts, asymmetries, or other aesthetic changes. Individual consultation with our Plastic Surgeons clarifies the available options.

Note: These responses provide general information and do not replace individual consultation with our professionals. For specific questions about your case, we recommend a personal consultation at our mySkin Mallorca clinic.

Welcome to mySkin Mallorca – Specialists in Mini-Facelifts

Before and after comaprison mini facelift

Welcome to mySkin Mallorca - Specialists in Mini-Facelifts

As we age, hormonal changes lead to the sagging of skin and connective tissues. Regardless of individual factors and lifestyle, this phenomenon eventually affects everyone. Particularly vulnerable are sun-exposed areas, especially on the face. Signs of aging skin become apparent as early as the age of 30. Initially, non-surgical methods such as proper skincare, collagen inductors, and laser treatments can be effective. However, when these methods are no longer sufficient, it’s time to consider a surgical intervention.

In our practice, mySkin Mallorca, we specialize in aesthetic dermatology, helping both women and men feel comfortable in their skin again. The Mini-Facelift is the most popular surgical procedure, especially for excess skin. Our experienced plastic surgeons perform this procedure with the utmost precision.

Common symptoms indicating a need for a Mini-Facelift:

Sagging Skin

This may result from the natural decline in collagen and elastin production, as well as volume loss. In such cases, the surgical Mini-Facelift yields excellent results.

Preoperative Collagen Induction

Methods such as the Pico-second laser can tighten collagen tissue before surgery, leading to improved outcomes.

Why choose a Mini-Facelift at mySkin Mallorca?

Perfect for Facial Skin Tightening

When non-invasive treatments no longer produce the desired effects, the Mini-Facelift offers an ideal solution. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, with the option for twilight sleep. After a recovery period of 7-10 days, you are back in society, radiating a naturally refreshed appearance.


Blurred contours in the lower third of the face can be effectively corrected with a Mini-Facelift. Cheeks, jawline, and neck can be reshaped, restoring a youthful and taut facial contour.

Contact our mySkin practice to receive comprehensive and professional guidance from our dermatologists and plastic surgeons regarding the possibilities of a Mini-Facelift. We are here to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable in your skin again.

FAQs about Mini-Facelifts at mySkin Mallorca

What is a Mini-Facelift, and who is it suitable for?
A Mini-Facelift is a surgical procedure designed to tighten excess facial skin and rejuvenate contours. It is suitable for individuals for whom non-invasive methods like creams, laser, or collagen inductors are no longer effective, and who experience visible signs of skin sagging in the facial area.
The Mini-Facelift is performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure is typically done under local anesthesia, with the option for twilight sleep if desired. Our experienced plastic surgeons use precise techniques to remove excess skin and reshape facial contours.
The recovery time after a Mini-Facelift is usually 7-10 days. During this period, there may be slight swelling and bruising, which gradually subside. Patients are socially active again after the recovery phase, displaying a naturally refreshed appearance.
Yes, in our practice, we also offer non-surgical methods such as laser treatments and collagen induction to tighten the skin. However, in cases of advanced skin sagging, these methods may not achieve the desired results. In such cases, a Mini-Facelift is an effective surgical option.

Note: These answers are of a general nature and should not be considered a substitute for individual consultation with our professionals. For specific questions regarding your case, we recommend a personal consultation at mySkin Mallorca.

Breast Augmentation: The Secret to a Confident Décolleté

Frau betastet ihre Brust

Breast Augmentation: The Secret to a Confident Décolleté

Statistically, breast augmentation ranks among the most sought-after and frequently performed aesthetic procedures. This comes as no surprise, as a full and beautiful décolleté has long been associated with health, beauty, and sensuality. However, changes in breast shape, including sagging tissue, reduced volume, and asymmetries, can manifest after significant weight loss, during breastfeeding, or as a natural part of aging.

In our esteemed mySkin Mallorca clinic, we collaborate with leading aesthetic surgeons to fulfill your dream of a perfect décolleté.

Breast Augmentation is perfect for:

Volume Enhancement in the Breast Area

At mySkin Mallorca, we rely on high-quality implants to rebuild the breast. There are not only various sizes available but also different positions for the implants. Depending on preference and medical indication, breast reconstruction or reshaping is possible. Schedule a consultation and receive comprehensive information about the individual options for breast augmentation.

Common Signs:

Small Breast Size

Small breasts may result from natural causes or life events such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations. Many women suffer from the perception of small breasts, especially if the reduction is acquired and they were accustomed to a fuller décolleté. Such physical changes can significantly impact self-image, causing discomfort, loss of libido, or even psychological distress.

FAQs on Breast Augmentation at mySkin Mallorca

What is breast augmentation, and how is it performed?

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that involves using high-quality implants to increase breast volume. Our experienced surgeons at mySkin Mallorca tailor the technique individually, selecting different implant sizes and positions to achieve the desired results.

Small breast size, loss of breast volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and asymmetrical breasts are common signs that may justify considering breast augmentation. If these factors affect your self-image or cause discomfort, a consultation may be worthwhile.
We offer a variety of high-quality implants in different sizes and materials. The selection depends on individual preferences, body structure, and medical considerations. During the consultation at mySkin Mallorca, you will be fully informed about the available options to make the best decision.

The recovery time varies but generally takes a few weeks. Our surgeons provide clear instructions for postoperative care, and regular check-ups are scheduled to monitor the healing process. After the recovery phase, you can enjoy your breasts and boost your confidence.

Like any surgery, breast augmentation carries certain risks. Our experienced surgeons thoroughly inform you about potential complications and work with the utmost precision to minimize the risk. A comprehensive preoperative discussion provides an opportunity to address any questions.
The result of breast augmentation is long-term, but breasts are subject to the natural aging process. Regular check-ups and a healthy lifestyle contribute to promoting the longevity of the results.
At mySkin Mallorca, we focus on proven methods with high-quality implants. Non-surgical alternatives are considered on an individual basis, but breast augmentation with implants is often the most effective and long-lasting solution.

Note: These answers serve general information and do not replace individual consultation with our professionals. For specific questions about your case, we recommend a personal consultation at our mySkin Mallorca clinic.