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Skin Cancer Prevention and Screening at mySkin Clinic

The global rise in skin cancer cases is alarming. At mySkin Clinic, you are in the hands of experienced dermatologists dedicated to your skin health. In Germany alone, approximately 200,000 people are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, and 36,000 with the more dangerous melanoma annually. These concerning numbers emphasize the importance of regular skin examinations, especially in Mallorca, where daily, prolonged unprotected UV exposure increases the risk.

Why Choose Skin Screening at mySkin:

Cutting-edge Technology with AI Support:

We employ state-of-the-art technology for optimal early detection and monitoring, supported by artificial intelligence.

Appointment Guarantee within 48 Hours

We prioritize fast availability to provide timely peace of mind.

Discretion and Comfortable Atmosphere:

Your privacy matters, and we ensure a pleasant atmosphere during your examination.

On-Site Diagnosis and Treatment:

At mySkin Clinic, we diagnose and treat immediately, offering comprehensive care.

Highly Trained Dermatology Specialists:

Trust in the expertise of our dermatologists dedicated to your skin health.

Ideal Candidates for Skin Cancer Prevention:

Ideally, annual skin cancer prevention check-ups are recommended. For certain risk factors, such as changes in moles or a history of skin cancer, our dermatologists may suggest individualized check-ups every 3 to 6 months.

Our Skin Cancer Prevention with Automated Total Body Mapping Offers:

Earliest Detection

Utilizing advanced technology to identify and monitor pigment spots and suspicious skin changes across the entire body.

High Resolution and Magnification

Analyzing suspicious findings up to 240 times magnified with a specialized camera to detect subtle changes.

Prompt Diagnosis and Personalized Consultation

After the automatic analysis, our experienced dermatologist conducts a thorough examination to discuss the results.

Automated Body Mapping at mySkin: Innovative Skin Cancer Prevention

Discover the most advanced technology for skin cancer prevention – Automated Body Mapping by FotoFinder Systems. Only a few clinics worldwide have access to this unique method, and we take pride in offering our patients the best current option for skin cancer prevention.

Procedure Overview:

1. Preparation: For the examination, please wear underwear (excluding boxer shorts). Avoid nail polish, makeup, and body lotion to maintain image quality. In a specially designed room at mySkin, undress to your underwear. A high-resolution camera takes overview shots from a hygienic distance of over 1.6 meters, allowing targeted examination of the few atypical lesions that require further clarification.

2. Image Analysis: The software uses artificial intelligence to identify suspicious skin changes. All identified spots are marked on a body map for precise localization.

3. Examination by the Dermatologist: After image analysis, the dermatologist reexamines suspicious spots with a close-up view, magnifying moles up to 240 times. Decisions are made on whether moles can be observed or if specific areas require further investigation. Additionally, we examine your skin for sun damage and precursors to skin cancer.

4. Follow-up: During your next skin check with Automated Body Mapping, artificial intelligence will detect even the smallest changes in your moles. The system also highlights newly appeared lesions for targeted control.


Regular skin cancer prevention check-ups should occur at least once a year unless you are a high-risk patient with a history of skin cancer. In such cases, the dermatologist will recommend personalized, more frequent check-ups.

Take Advantage of State-of-the-Art Technology for Your Skin Health!

Engage in Regular Monitoring for Your Skin Health:

Regular, close skin monitoring is highly recommended in the following cases:

  • Changes in moles
  • Appearance of new moles
  • Known and relevant dermatological findings
  • Survived skin cancer / precursors to skin cancer

Our skin cancer prevention with Automated Total Body Mapping is suitable for all patients, regardless of gender and age – including children. Professional, regular checks are the key to certainty about the health of your skin.

Because your health is the highest good that deserves to be cared for and preserved.

If you are concerned about a mole, whether it has appeared recently or changed, do not hesitate. Come to our mySkin Clinic and let our experts examine you!

Schedule a Prompt Appointment for Skin Changes with Our Specialized Dermatologists! 

FAQs zu on Skin Cancer Prevention

What is done during skin screening?
Skin screening involves a comprehensive examination of the skin by our specialist in dermatology. With approximately 2 square meters of surface, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Various benign and malignant skin changes can occur throughout life. The screening aims to detect early signs of skin cancer.
Regular, annual screenings ensure that your skin is in optimal health. At mySkin Clinic, we use the latest methods to conduct a comprehensive skin cancer prevention check, identifying dermatological abnormalities at an early stage. In cases of previous illnesses or specific risk factors, we recommend more frequent check-ups.

It is essential to regularly self-examine your moles. Pay attention to changes using the ABCDE method:

  •  A = Asymmetry: Uneven shape.
  • B = Border: Jagged or blurred edges.
  • C = Coloration: Different color components.
  • D = Diameter: Larger than 5 mm.
  • E = Evolution/Elevation: New development, change in the last three months, rapid growth, bleeding, itching, nodular surface. If you experience such symptoms, please consult a dermatologist.

At our clinic, we utilize Automated Total Body Mapping by FotoFinder Systems, the most advanced technology for skin cancer early detection. This method is unique, and very few practices worldwide have this equipment. Through this advanced technology, we can identify and treat risk areas early, facilitating therapy and leading to better chances of healing.

Please contact us for more information!

When was your last skin check?

Regular skin cancer prevention is the most effective way to detect skin cancer early. Let us remind you and schedule an appointment today!