Photodynamic Therapy PDT

Photo dynamics instead of scalpels

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is now the most advanced course of treatment for preliminary stages of skin cancer caused by UV damage (actinic keratosis), along with flat basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer.

PDT can be performed quickly and safely inside the practice. Skin mutations are therefore overcome to a certain extent with individual weapons: the skin cells affected are initially made extremely sensitive to a specific light by using a cream. It is then accurately exposed (heat sensation can be counteracted with selective cooling if and when required). Any damaged cells will therefore be destroyed, will be shifted aside over the next few days, and will be replaced by healthy, fresh cells. The application of consistent sun protection is essential over the next few weeks. PDT neither involves the formation of scars, nor pigment disorders unlike procedures previously deployed, such as glaciation.

Photodynamic therapy excels in all operative and local cream procedures with its excellent cosmetic treatment results, and it is suitable for operating with a scalpel, as well as for treating larger areas of the skin. The recurrence of skin cancer is thereby prevented significantly: Over 90% of skin tumours treated with PDF remain free from relapses in subsequent years.

Daylight PDT

Daylight PDT is a new type of light therapy, it provides an alternative to conventional PDT, and is used specifically for extensive light damage.

This is where a photosensitising substance is applied to the tissue which is being treated, and which is exposed to daylight for a two-hour period. As a result of this, any damaged cells are destroyed just like they would be with PDT. This form of PDT is free from any pain, the treatment time is reduced, and there is barely any redness and swelling.


For the power PDT the skin is perforated by an ablative fractionated laser before the application of the Photosensitizer in order to increase the depth of penetration of the active agent.

The further process is the same as in the traditional or daylight PDT.

PDT even for aesthetic dermatology

Aesthetic dermatology takes advantage of using red light therapy with convincing results, even in the area of anti-aging. The skin texture is improved, skin imperfections disappear, and you look both younger and fresher.