Pubic region

Health for your pubic region

Vaginal dryness through menopause or after cancer therapy, feeling of tension, itching, pain during sex, loss of volume in the size of the outer vaginal lips? Desirial®, the hyaluronic products with gynecological indication guarantee long-term results.

Age-related estrogen deficiency also leads to changes in the genital area. The vaginal mucosa becomes thinner, moisture penetration and elasticity is reduced. Adverse shifts in pH-value increase the occurrence of inflammations, irritations and infects. Vaginal fibrositis (Lichen sclerosus), cancer therapies and general hormonal changes (especially common during menopause) lead to frequent grievances and vaginal dryness.

Result: reduced pleasurable sensation, pain during sex. The pubic area also changes on the outside – the outer vaginal lips become flabby and lose volume.

By means of easy, almost pain-free treatment you win your old well-being back.


  • Moistening of vaginal mucosa
  • Restoration of elasticity and color
  • Strengthening of vaginal tissues
  • Vaginal atrophy during menopause and after cancer therapy
  • Lichen sclerosus (disease of vaginal mucosa)
  • Episiotomy scar pain

Desirial® Plus

  • Rejuvenation of vaginal mucosa
  • Filling and remodeling of outer vaginal lips
  • G-spot amplification to intensify sexual sensation as well as the support of urinary stress incontinence therapy.

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Skin whitening (bleaching) of the genital area

The aesthetics of the intimate region are becoming increasingly important for both sexes.

In southern areas, intimate bleaching has long been an established treatment method, and we can also see the steadily increasing demand among our patients as well now.

The disturbing dark discoloration in the genital and/or anal area is caused by the deposition of the brown skin pigment (melanin).

It can be bleached by special intimate peelings, so that an even, light skin color can be created again.

Depending on the intensity of the pigmentation, 2–4 treatments might be necessary. The treatment is painless and popular with both men and women.

Not only the dark discoloration of the genital area, but also tissue sagging, especially in the labia, is perceived as visually unappealing.

Its texture can be rejuvenated by means of special hyaluronic acid fillers. Link to Desirial

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