Molluscum contagiosum (molluscs)

Mollusca contagiosa (molluscs)

Mollusca contagious are small, flesh-coloured, essentially harmless, and are dented in the middle. Viruses are extremely contagious, and the virus can be fished, especially in swimming pools. Children are most commonly affected (face, neck, eyelids, genitals, armpits) because of their lower immune response levels. Molluscac contagious occur predominantly in the genitals in adults.

mySkin recommends a careful opening and sterile removal to be carried out by a physician, which is done quickly and without any complications, even in young children, by applying Emla cream, with a children’s video, and finally with the reward of a lollipop.

We strongly advise this be done prior to self-experimenting at home because of the high risk of spreading.