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Skin cancer - Skin cancer prevention - Skin screening

The number of skin cancer cases is increasing rapidly worldwide. In Germany alone, about 200,000 people get white skin cancer every year and about 36,000 get black skin cancer, the most malignant form. In the next 20 years, we even expect a doubling of cases.

These numbers are alarming! And especially here on Mallorca, we see an increase every year due to many years of daily unprotected UV exposure.

The positive news: skin cancer is easily treatable if detected early. Therefore, have your skin examined regularly by a dermatologist! And don’t just rely on the expertise of your family doctor, but also on the latest technology used by experienced specialists.

Skin cancer care is perfect for:

Ideally, you should have skin cancer care annually. If you belong to a risk group, we recommend a closer check every 3 to 6 months – depending on your personal situation.
In the following cases, a close-meshed check is advisable:

  • Appearance of new moles
  • Known and relevant dermatological findings
  • Bekannte und relevante dermatologische Befunde
  • Survived skin cancer / skin cancer precursors

Our skin cancer care is suitable for all patients, i.e. women and men of all age groups.

Only through professional, regular check-ups can you be sure that your skin is healthy. Because our health is the highest good and deserves to be cared for and maintained!
A mole is worrying you, has newly appeared or is changing? Come to our mySkin clinic and let us examine you!


With an area of about 2 square meters, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. A variety of benign but also malignant formations and growths can grow on our skin during our lifetime. During skin screening, your dermatology specialist (dermatologist) examines the entire skin to detect any skin cancer at an early stage.

By having a regular, annual exam, you ensure that your skin is in the best health condition. Using the latest methods, we perform a comprehensive skin cancer screening check and localize dermatological abnormalities at the earliest stage. In special cases, for example in the case of previous illnesses, closer monitoring is necessary.

Regularly examine your moles yourself and any wound that does not heal over a period of four weeks. Look for changes using the ABCDE method and consult a specialist if you notice any symptoms.

Automated Total Body Mapping by Fotofinder Systems is the most advanced technology in early skin cancer detection. This method is unique and only very few practices worldwide (!) are in possession of this equipment. We offer our patients the possibility to detect risk areas as early as possible and to have them treated. This usually facilitates the therapy and leads to better healing chances. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to be there for you.