A scar is tissue which forms a replacement for normal tissue. Normal tissues for instance may have been destroyed because of an operation, an injury, burns, or as a result of deep inflammation.

Do you want to get your scars removed?

The replacement tissue scar can only be “replaced” once again, which means that it is not normally possible to remove a scar entirely. However, what often does succeed with good results is a scar which appears inconspicuous. Sunken or excessive scars can be restored to skin level, and any advanced scarring can be narrowed. Scar patches which include silicon can also help to improve scar healing for the formation of known adverse scarring.

Various lasers are available for treating scars.

Hardened keloids can be made softer and flatter with several corticosteroid injections. A conventional, operative correction using excision may be the most viable measure for particularly distinct individual scars. You can raise any deeply sunken scars with fillers.

Ear lobes

We will rectify any extended ear piercings or torn ear lobes by carrying out a conventional plastic surgery operation.

Acne scars

Acne scars are treated gradually and do require patience.
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