Sun damage

The sun: Your skin doesn’t forget anything

Every case of sunburn is one small mosaic stone along the way to early skin cancer. The sum of the smallest amount of damage gradually forms free radicals inside the skin, from which preliminary stages of skin cancer then develop. Studies have been able to show that applying daily skin care products with highly concentrated antioxidants and regular medical peelings during the winter months does repair any early changes to the cells inside the skin, and therefore can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

The top priority must be: accepting your skin type. Do not sit out in the sun for too long, and avoid any incidents of sunburn. You will belong to a skin cancer risk group, if

  • you have very fair skin, blond/mousy blond hair, and freckles
  • have/had close family members suffering from skin cancer
  • your skin has numerous pigment marks (> 40-50 moles)
  • you regularly had sunburn during your childhood (risk increases two to threefold)

Sun damage

When the summer tan fades, unpleasant souvenirs often stay behind: dry skin, pigment spots, wrinkles. With modern technology and high-quality products, we will help your skin to breathe and gleam again.

  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) – to combat skin damaged by the sun and preliminary stages of skin cancer
  • Fractional Laser treatment – is effective for tightening the skin, and for combatting sun-damaged pigmentation and melasma (hormonal pigmentation)
  • Laser and IPL – for tackling age spots on the face, neck, neckline and hands
  • Medical cosmetics – Hydrajet facials, Peelings, Microdermabrasion