Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen –
eyelid lift without surgery

Wouldn’t that be nice… lighter eyelids with less excess skin, reduced wrinkles or a tighter neck, the lips without mouth wrinkles, wrinkles around the ears would simply be gone….

There is a way to make your dream come true – without surgery. The Plasma Pen is a cosmetic revolution in skin regeneration and lifting:

  • Simple outpatient procedure
  • Immediately visible tightening
  • Almost painless owing to local anesthesia
  • No need for injections, no stitches, no incisions, no general anesthesia, no scars
  • Treatment of wrinkles and fine lines including lip and neck wrinkles
  • Especially suitable for upper and lower lid lifting
  • Further applications: acne scars, milia, excess skin
  • Minimum downtime
  • Long-term result